Letter from Harrison White, 10 May 1843

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May 10t 1843
Revd Sir
I ever have had a disire to live in . But at present I Am in low circumstances having been unfortunate in Merchandizing, but I now Owe no Man any thing My uncle who is my administrator, Owes me $8.22.00 Which I will get some day. but god only Knows when. Under these Circumstances you will do me an invaluable favor by looking around & see If There is any thing like a situation as Clerk for me in your . I have good Letters of recommendation as to Honesty &c— I would be satisfied with a very moderate salary. I expect to remain in about a month. & in the mean time If you should see any thing of the Kind for me to do in your you would do a great favor by droping me a few lines to that affect. I could come any day Yes, If It was tomorrow I would go with a glad heart
Your Friend & admirer
Harrison S. White
Revd Jos Smith Esqr)
PS. Please be so good as to send, me a late Paper for It is with difficulty that can get any nuse [news] from them
H. S. W. [p. [1]]
<​ Mo MAY 12​>
<​ Ill. MAY 18​>
<​Missent & Ford​> <​18​>
Rev, Jos Smith
Mo [Illinois]
Harrison White [p. [2]]


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