Letter from Hugh T. Reid and James W. Woods, 24 June 1844

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5. O clock P.M.
Genl Joseph Smith
Dear sir,
In accordance with previous arrangement with Elder Adams I am here at your service; and it will be necessary for us to have on the examination here before the justice a certified copy of the City Ordinance for the destruction of the Expositor press, or a copy which has been published by authorty— We also wish the Original Order issued by you to the for the destruction of said press; and such Witnesses as may be necessary to show by whom the press was destroyed, and that the Act was not done in A Riotous or tumultous manner.
Yours Respectfully,
Dr. Sir.
I concur fully as to the above and will add. from an intervew with , you can with the utmost safety rely on his protection and that [p. [1]] you will have as impartial an investigation as could be Expected from those opposed to you, the Excitement— is much allayed and your opponants, <​those who wish to make capital out of you​> do not want you to come to Mr Johnson [Edward Johnston] had. gone East, & that will account for being here
Respectfully your Obt Svt
24th. June 1844 [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
Genl. Joseph Smith
Elder Cahoon)
5. P M. Jun 24th 44
June 24— 1844
J. M. R
& to Genl. Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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