Letter from Isaac Galland, 11 December 1841

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Dec 11th 1841
J. Smith
Dear Sir
I received with great pleasure your favour of yesterday, and am I am happy to say to you, that I injoy a moderate degree of health, and shall certainly give myself the pleasure in a few days of visiting my bretheren and friends at . I am now awaiting the arrival of a Gentleman from whom I have promised to meet at this place on very important business,— I have this morning received a letter from him informing me that he will be here next week, and as soon as I have met him and made my arrangements, I shall proceed to an immediate interview with you and my friends at untill then accept assurances of the respect and esteeme of yours truly
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Joseph Smith
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    JS’s letter of 10 December 1841 is not extant.  

  2. 2

    In an August 1841 letter, Horace Hotchkiss informed JS that Isaac Galland had become “partially blind.” In October, JS stated that Galland’s “strange neglect” regarding paying Hotchkiss, John Gillet, and Smith Tuttle was possibly the result of “sickness or disaster.” (Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 25 Aug. 1841; Letter to Smith Tuttle, 9 Oct. 1841.)