Letter from James Blakeslee, 14 June 1842

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Utica, N. Y., June 14, 1842.
Mr. EditorDear Sir—We forward you in this letter an extract of the minutes of a Conference held in this place on the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of June, and if it be consistent with your other business, should be pleased to see it published in the Times and Seasons.
Minutes of a Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, held at Utica, N. Y., June 11, 1842.
The Conference was organized at half after ten o’clock A. M., by electing Elder , President, and James M. Monroe, Clerk.
After singing, and prayer by Elder , the briefly addressed the Conference, stating the object of convening to [p. 860]gether—and then called for a representation of the different branches.
The Utica branch, represented by J. M. Monroe, consists of 61 members; 1 elder, 5 priests, 2 teachers, and 2 deacons.
The Hamilton branch, represented by A. M. Wilse, consists of 40 members; 4 elders, and 1 teacher.
The Edmeston branch, represented by Elder Daniel Shearer, consists of 13 members; 1 priest, 1 teacher. Also Crown Point branch, represented by the same Elder, consists of 11 members and 2 elders.
The branch, represented by Elder , consists of 18 members; 1 elder, 1 teacher. Also, the Windham branch, represented by the same , consists of six members.
The Boonville branch, represented by Elder Myron Higley, consisth of 27 members; 4 elders, 1 priest and one teacher.
Almost all of the above branches are but the remains of what they formerly were; very many having emigrated to the west. On motion, adjourned till 3 o’clock.
Met pursuant to adjournment. After singing, and prayer by the , Elders and [Charles] Thompson addressed the Conference, stating that the work of the Lord was rolling onward in their section of country with considerable rapidity; after which the Lee branch was represented by Elder J. R. Blanchard consisting, of 17 members; 1 elder, 1 priest and 1 teacher.
Much other business was done in the course of the day, and the Conference received many appropriate addresses from several Elders present.
On motion, it was Resolved, That Elder be recommended by this Conference to all those who desire to gather west this fall, as a fit person to be their leader, and that they meet at Batavia on the 15th of August next.
The Conference met at half past ten o’clock Sunday morning, pursuant to adjournment, and after prayer by Elder , the Congregation was addressed by Eld Charles Thompson from Isaiah 21:5. At 3 o’clock, P. M., after prayer by the , Elder Thompson concluded his subject. The sacrament was then administered to the saints, and some time spent very profitably in giving in their testimony, at the close of the meeting one gentleman offered himself for baptism.
At 8 o’clock, P. M., after prayer by , the congregation was advised by Elder from Rev. 14:6. The Conference then adjourned till nine o’clock on Monday morning.
The Conference assembled at the appointed time and proceeded to finish their business.
Bros. James M. Monroe and William Wilson were recommended for ordination. Bro. Monroe was accordingly ordained to the Elders office, and the case of Bro. Wilson was adjourned until the next Conference.
It was Resolved, That Elders and Daniel Shearer be recommended by this conference as proper persons to receive donations for the building up of the of the Lord at
Voted, also, that some person from the Utica branch be appointed as a General Agent to receive all monies and goods from the surrounding branches for the building of the .— Bro U. J. Pierce was accordingly appointed.
The following resolutions were then unanimously passed:
Resolved, That we duly appreciate the labors of the Trustee in Trust, and also of the Twelve, his fellow-laborers and faithful assistants, in their untiring exertions to build the at ; thereby to secure unto the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints those blessings on which they are dependent for their salvation.
Resolved, That we will do all we can, consistent with our circumstances to assist them in finishing this work.
Voted, that Bro. J. M. Monroe take all consecrations for the , which may be made previous to his departure.
Voted, that all who can, begin now to make their consecrations which was accordingly done; and from the casting in of their mites $9.50 was raised; which together with their names will be sent to soon by Bro. Monroe.
The Conference was then adjourned until the last Saturday and Sunday in January, 1843.
During the Conference, the greatest peace and harmony prevailed, and the spirit manifested by all present was very gratifying. Every one seemed to have the spirit of Christ—and when the subject of the was brooked they all seemed to manifest a willingness to do all they could in assisting in this all-important work; but owing to their poverty they could not do a great deal at the present time.
James M. Monroe, Clerk. [p. 861]