Letter from Jedediah M. Grant, 17 August 1843

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, A<​u​>gust, 17,th. <​or (1618)​>, 1843—
President Smith,
Dear Br, in the Lord, for the first time in the provedece of the Lord, I take my pen, that I may communicate to you, some things, that may be of some benifit to you, in time and in Eternity, I prey the Lord that these Lines may reach you, & find you and all yours, in a state of prosperity, I have ben trying to do rite ever sence I parted with you, I have got along finely withe <​the​> Church in this , so fare we have had peace in hear in our mitst, & no dificulty whatever, the Church is increacing, 22, New Membrs have joind cince, I came hear, you may look for a goodly number to come to this fall, !! Br Horris [Horace] Whitney Staid with me about, 2, weeks, he then went into with one of the Elders, to preach in the Country, he, left his things with me & said that he would be back in, 3, weeks, I have hurd that he has gone to, , to see his Grand Father, !!! , & family, are in , N J, he is preaching, Sister Caroline [Grant Smith]’s health is no better, but if any thing it is worse then when she lef[t] home, , is turning the wourld upside down, with his, darling Religion, . . . . . . . ——
, Elders, , , & , <​&​> left hear this afternoon for, , Elders, &, , left last, Monday for they <​that is, Elders, , , , & ​> staid heare near, two weeks, they did not settle any dificulty, for their was, none, to settle, but they have got the Saints, to feel the impo[r]ta<​nce​> of going to , I think they have performed <​a​>, good work in this , the Saints all seam to feel well, they all, want to see you, they say when will, Br, Joseph, come, I tell them that, they must go whare <​you,​> are, & then you will tell them what to do &c.—— [p. [1]]
I will now, tell you sumthing about your old Friends, in this, <​,​> in so doing, I will try to be a wise servent and as harmless, as a dove, Sister Bangor, left the, Church, in April. and has not come back yet, she is vary friendly, and so is the old gentleman;— Br Pawson, and family would be glad to see you, and in fact all your old friends to numourous to mention, Sister, C, and, her, daugh<​t​>ors, they have ben tried some what of late; one of the Girls, is vary much apposed th to, the doctrin of the Saints, she will not let the old Lady & the others rest becaus they are Mormons, She wants to rule the family, she is not willing that any of the Saints should come to the House, if theair Should come a Lettor to the Office, She wants to see it, least it should come from a Mormon, She wa<​t​>ches vary close,!!
A few days befor the Twelve came to this , I, was cauled upon to visit a. family that was sumwhat troubled in mind.!!! Sum person had given them, <​(or her)​> a, <​few,​> words of Council, the first cost the giver, 50, ct, and the Last cost the Receiver, 25, ct,
March, the 11th., & June the 2ct. Quincy, again, I was cauled upon to explain certin, mistryes &c. they were unable to comprehend, cirten items, made, known, and yet, unknown, I confesed that it was a grate Mistery that, I, could not interpet. altho <​I​> read vary close, the one out of the Church had not read, but the, Three in the, Church read, and, cept [kept] reading, untill, two of them, was about to denie, the faith, Miss S, & the Mother,!!!. Miss. A. has bin the meanes of c<​e​>aping [keeping] them in the Church, and sending for, me to explain, after reading, I preached, bore testimony, &c, will you answor it Miss S. no I cannot think of doing it, you may write if you will. so I copied from the March number a few words thinking to write in a few days, [p. [2]] but the Twelve coming, in a day or two, my room, has been crowded preventing me from writing &c. . .— last, Munday. Elder. was requested, to visit, but could not as he had to go to that Morning I was to go to the same House, with him, so, I, went a Lone. I was informed that . was wante<​d​> to explain, &c, as it was not on, Mathematical subjects. I. thought it might <​be dificult,​> for him, to interpet it, ad and as he was coming back to the next week, I thought it best to make all things shure, so I went to work in the, name of the Lord, and after using evry argement that, I could, they delivered into my Hands, all that <​I​> wanted, March, &, June, I am now in <​an​> up<​p​>er room, I will at this moment light my, Lamp, and offer, a sacrifice of evrything that I have obtained. . . . as a witness before the Lord, that. I will be true to you in time & in Eternity, I have made the ofring the Smoke and flame has assended, I obtained <​the Lets [letters],​> on this, <​condision​> that if I got an ansor, they or <​She​> Should see it, in this mater whatever you say I will do but if you write, direct to, me, if you pleas, as this is their request, they all feel better (Miss, S, cried. Like <​a​> Child when these things was made known to me) they think you canot explain it. if <​I​> can I will get them all to <​come​> to , Miss, S, was sick and had , , lay hands on her, they said that she felt quite chearful, the <​Family​> think it vary strang that their friend should advise one & not all, what did he meane by sending money, attendan<​c​>e &c, and about Matrimony, and the will of the <​Lord.​> , has. thught me principle, &c, , I found [k]new about the matte[r] so I read to them, they said it should be even as you desired in the Lord even so Amen, I told them the care that, I, <​had​> pursued, & the one I was going to take, they said it was rite and the Lord woodwould bless me for so doing [p. [3]] give my love to, , I was glad to hear that he had received the Priesthood, &c, Br Joseph, I have ben tried until I have have allmost desired, to die, I would, have given any thing on Earth to seen you, & talk<​ed​> with you one hour, but I now feel well and want to live long on the, Earth, my health is vary poor, will you pray your, Heavenly Father <​to​> Bless me, with health, and the holy spirit, if you think best write & I will do as you say,
I add nomore but remain your friend & Br, in the <​new​> Covenent,
Preset, Joseph Smith, Senr,
Mr. Joseph Smith, Senior,
Hancock, Co,
Aug t 17— 43
Augt. 17th. 1843
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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