Letter from John E. Page, 1–2 March 1844

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March the 1st. 1844
To President Joseph Smith & the Quorum of the Twelve—
Dear and beloved Bretheren in the Lord—
Haveing a few moments of leasure I improve them in pening a sketch for your purusal to let you know my circumstances and what I am about and what my present prospects are relative to my mission in this great
I arrived here on the 17th. of last month it being Saturday and late in the evening I put up at Mr Galabinn’s Hotel for sunday, being an intire stranger and having had no time to get out an opointment to preach or to find a place to do so, for the first time I kept sunday without Preaching since I left twenty two months ago, on Monday my first busyness was to find a place to board suitable to my means I found I had called at one of the dearest places of boarding in the first asking ten dollars per week but finaly offered to board me for at one dollar per day I stayed two days and they finding out who I was and what my calling was only took $1–50 cents for the whole amount
I found a place to board at at a private family <​residence​> at two dollars and fifty cents per week my washing will cost fifty cents per week— I next found an engine house lecture room to preach in at four dollars per week to ocupy it on sunday’s and sunday evening’s and Tuesday and Thursday evenings thus you see my expences are one dollar per day at present all I have received yet as a donation from the people is one dollar and forty two cents sixty two cents was a voluetary [voluntary] gift of some ladys whome I had not seen before to my knowledge who steped forward to the stand at the close of my third lecture and put the change on the desk for me last evening was the first attempt I made to rais a collections 80 cents was raisid I have learned today that there is an effort about to be made by some gentlmen to hire the Apolo Hall for me <​to​> lecture in there are some already accused by their friends and associates of being “mormons” whether they will be <​such​> eventualy [p. [1]] time must determin <​I​> have delivered five lectures at first I had about one dozen hearers and my congregation have been rapidly increasing ever since last evening I had about sixty to hear me and as it has happened many of my friends that I have formed are among the Printers and some of their wives at my first meeting the rude boys undertook to make a noise and thus to disturb my meeting a lady by the name of Grear a printers wife like like an intripid galant soldier arrose from her seat with and are [air] of great resilution and firmness to her purpos, and went out night as it was and dispersed them and lo! and behold some of the boys was men or rather anamils in the shape of men— Old Mr [William] Miller is here with his clicque some of them are the same I met in they are makeing quite a nois but as it is hapening it is only a noise as far as I have been heard I have had the unspeakable pleasure to redeem the people and quiet the minds of the people on that point <​concerning​> the advent of Christ my two last lectures were on that subject and my hearers consider me to be such a perfect quietus to Millerism they are very anxous for me to ocupy the “Apolo Hall—” the place where Mr. Miller and his clique now are gabbleing to the people; and I think my friends will effect the enterprize of geting the Hall for me on purpos to prove the positive scripture certainty that Isreal and Judah must be gathered and the house of Joseph must be restored first before Christ makes his second advent, the Apolo Hall will cost eight dollars per day at least I hear that the Millerites Pay that sum for the use of it— so you see dear bretheren I have nothing to dishearten me but every thing considered I have at least something to incourage me at the present.
I have had a very agreable interview with the Honable Mr the Representative from he treated me with attention and politeness— he profeses to me to be a friend to the Saints and speaks very respectfull of Gen. Smith meaning President Joseph Smith but still I make all proper allowances relative to Self intrest by which he may be actuated so I touch him carefully and trust but little to his care or charge that belongs to my intrest [p. [2]]
I wish you to send me the “Times & Seasons—” and the “Neighbour” Please Direct them to me at — I have one subscriber by the name of Little who wishes to take the “Neighbour” he is a clerk in the “Globe” office I saw the Editor of the Globe today he says he would be Glad to exchange with the “Neighbour” There is a great <​Little​> excitement now in this concerning the prospects of annother difficulty <​with the Mormons​> the News is here copyed from the Papers that there was four wagons sent to for Arms to be used against the Mormons” the Mormons haveing done something it <​is​> not said what I supose however they are such an odd ass[o]ciation of men differing from the most or many of those anamils called men that they “mind their own busyness and let others do so too” and that is to this age the hight of outrage to this sectarian Campbellitish Millenium age if there is any if there is any such an other Millunium fuss starting up in as we found in — pray send us the back numbers of the paper containing the account— I will here say least there [mig]ht be a miss conveyance I sent a letter to and containing the names of subscribers <​for the Papers​> to the amount of eleven dollars I think; and temple money subscribers in all to the amount of more than thirty dollars I left the money in the hands of Elder Grant of and took his receipt— I have <​Just​> been into the East room of the Presidents House of which there is so much talk concerning it[s] costly furniture there I have gazied on the mangled remains of five gentlemen of the cabinet and others; and one colored man the s Servant six in all who were killed on the steam ship of war Princeton by the bursting of the big gun of 225 pound ball and 50 pounds of powder from the best account I can gather there was four hundred on board 200 of each sex not a feamale hurt Babylon of old was not in higher glee than that company was the moment before the disaster; in the twinkling of an eye their luxuery and banquiting was turned <​to​> mourning while six went in an instant to the world of spirits where it is hopefull they will <​hear​> the fullness of the gospel which they would not hear on earth.
Your brother in Christ
March the 2 I have mailed two papers for & containing the acount of the disaster and the funeral [p. [3]]
I hope that all Elders sent out from will be instructed to be wise relative to the Misteries of the kingdom I wish Presidents J— Smith and will jointly write me a long letter giveing me such spcial information as you think I most need for my good and the avancement of the kingdom— I have not seen my family since i left them last July while you are at home enjoying the society of your families and the Peuculiar blessings of the kingdom remember me.
I have heard some very spirited speaches delivered in the Senate on the question in a very eloquent manner; the british minister, Mr Packingham [Richard Pakenham] is here in the Place of Mr [Henry Stephen] Fox— the house of Representatives is far beneath the tallent of a council of Lattter day Saints for good sense or order.
I am at your service I hope therefore you will council me from time to time relative to my duty and as far as <​my​> tallents & means will allow I will serve you with pleasure— I try to use “soft words” but it is hard for me to find them they are scarce in my market I am also trying to find a smothe [smooth] side to myself and that is not to be found at all untill I make one; alltogether new. I think however by the help of the Spirit I shall succide [succeed] by perciverance— I hope you will Pray for me and call a special prayre meeting in my behalf it <​is​> a proud hearted place here and if there is any thing done in the redemeing <​of​> the people from Ignorance it will be by a higher power than
<​ MAR 2​>
Hancock Co—
March 1st 1844
March 1st. 1844
Mar 1—
Leetter from To
filed July 5/45 Mar 4/44— [p. [4]]


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