Letter from John H. Walton, 3 June 1844

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Republic of
Galveston County— June 3d
My object in addressing you is to make a proposition which I hope may recieve your serious consideration I have for sal[e] a tract of Land lying in Latitude 37 33" extend from the Red River almost to the Trinity Containing Sixty Leagues.
I need not point out to a mind as ambitious and discerning as yours the advantages which would certainly result to you from the settlement of such a tract in this country. should you remove here with all of your adhereants you would at once acquire the controlling Vote of , and might yourself aspire to and obtain any Office in the Republic.
In the present condition of our affairs with what a glorious prospect would this open to you. is doomed, and must fall a victim either to the open warefare or the stealthy encroachments of the Anglo Saxon.
had we a man of your energy at the head of affairs, supported by such a force as you could bring into the field, we might crush her at a blow, make the richest country in the world our tributary, its people our servants, its cities markets for our manufactures and products, its custom houses, our treasury its mines an inexaustible fund of wealth and power, and our own country no longer a servile dependant on the haughty Briton or fickle Gaul, would stand alone unsupported and unsurpassed in wealt[h] power and resources by any Nation on the Globe [p. [1]]
In , you will find no dense population to contend with, no Bigott to oppress no overwhelming power to crush you in your infancy, but a new field, open to the enterprising pioneer, as yet free from the civilized weeds of Superstition oppression and pride when every hand would be extended to you in friendship, and when you and your adherents in stead of forming a Small third party in an inferior State, would at once assume and retain a commanding influence in a Republic doubtless richer in resources than any country in the world, and needing only a cool head an ambitious mind and unshrinking arm at the head of her affairs to assist and maintain that rank among nation which is justly her due.
I will not trespass longer upon your time, should you not deem the subject worthy of consideration I shall have allready wastid sufficient time in writing and you in reaading, should you regard it in a favourable light I will furnish you with a transcript of the titles, and make you a definite proposition.
My address is . Galveston County Republic of Texas to the care of John D Groesbeck
I have the honor to be yours &C
Jno. H. Walton [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
<​ La. JUN 13​>
Joseph Smith Esqr
<June 3. 1844
John H. Walton to Prest. Joseph Smith>
<​and 20 28 June​> [p. [4]]


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