Letter from John M. Bernhisel, 1 October 1842

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October 1, 1842
Dear Brother,
I tender to you an expression of my grateful acknowledgments for your very friendly letter of the 7th. ultimo, and I sincerely sympathize with you in your illegal and unjust persecution by those wicked men who bear rule in the states of and — I fondly hope that the of the former state will, as soon as he is inaugerated, revoke the writ which has been issued against you, and will refuse to comply with any farther demands of the of the latter state— I am happy in being able to inform you that designed to illustrate his proposed publication with so many obscene engravings, that refused to publish it. He told him that it was as bad as the worst French books that were imported, and that if he () published it he would get himself into a scrape— I deem it proper to communicate the preceding to you, lest the Wasp should sting the Lyon of the Herald in his lair, and his roaring might prove detrimental to the cause of truth & righteousness. I do not believe that will be enabled to procure means in the section of the Union to publish his “awful disclosures.”— He has not done us much if any harm in this ; he is now lecturing in , and I understand with no better success. [p. [1]]
is now here, and will probably take his departure day after to-morrow for — An early reply to my letter of the 6 or 7th. ultimo, I do not recollect which, if not already answerd will confer a favor—
With great respect & regard
I am yours in the Lord.
176 Hudson St. [20 lines blank] [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
<​26​> <​PAID​> <​26​>
<​ OCT 1​>
Mr. Joseph Smith
Hancock County
Illinois. [p. [4]]


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