Letter from John M. Bernhisel, 8 March 1843

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March 8, 1843
Dear Brother,
I have just now had the pleasure of receiving a letter from Gen. , informing me that it is his intention to appear fully equipped on parade at on the 7th of May next, as Inspector General of the Nauvoo Legion
His Equipments are as follows,
Hat & feather $22.50
Uniform Coat and pantaloons 52.00
Sash 42.00
Sword & belt 35.00
Gloves & spurs 6.50
Horse Equipments 185.00
Epaulets 50.00
These are all the very best, but the wishes to do honor to the Legion and the Cause, which he says he will no doubt yet join— It is thought by some whose opinions are worthy of respect that of the Herald, stands too low in public estimation here to do any credit to the Legion— He is an alien and could not hold a commission in actual service— I was highly gratified to learn that you had been released from your illegal & unjust persecutions [p. [1]] Although I sincerely sympathised with you, I never entertained a shadow of a doubt of the final issue of the case— I deposited a letter in the post office today for President in which I desired him to pay the taxes on my land, lest it be sold— If he has not received my letter, will you be kind enough to say to him that he will greatly oblige me by paying the taxes at his earliest convenience— I hope to be prepared to take my departure from this the latter part of this month, or about the 1st of April—
With unfeigned respect I am yours in the ,
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Mr Joseph Smith
Hancock County
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