Letter from John Mills, 1 September 1843

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<​September 1st​> 1843
Brother Joseph Smith <​sir​> I take this way of conveying mind <​my​> mind or wishes to you as a muiltiplisity of business hinders you from hearing me verbaly[.] some time in the summer of 1841 I purchased a fractional lot in of Br and got a deed from you and did not get it recorded immediately for I thought I was perfectly safe and knew no better untill I went to pay my taxes and was greatly disappointed to hear that an other man had a deed of my Lot and it was on record and I made you acquainted with the circumstance and you told to look me out another Lot that would suit me as well and cited me to a Lot where Mr. [John] Tidwell lives and I asked him a half acre in exchange for mine and he refused untill he could see you and I waited a while and went to him again and he said you gave him no satisfaction as you was huried with business and he told me to go to you myself and I accordingly did and you gave me no better satisfaction and now if I can get another Lot I would like to get it and build on it so as to move in to as soon as I can for I feel as if I lived on the half breed land, I will tell you <​my​> reasons for neglecting to get my deed on record
I Joined the church of Latter day saints in and was posessed of about 1500 dollars of money and property and was directed that the [p. [1]] order of the church was to consecrate the properties for the benefit of the church and the helping the poor to Zion and I partly bore the expense of twenty two or three persons from to starting in February and traveling in the spring season of the year and bad roads and got to when the trouble was there and from thence to though while at I sent the remains of my money down the for flour and we had to leave before it returned and when I got to I found business frustrated in such a manner that every person had to look out for themselves and I went eight miles south of <​and​> purchased an imbeterment on a piece of congress land and turned out my wagon and horses to the value of 200 hundred dollars for my self and family was all sick with the Ague and Fever and was obliged to do so for the sake of the crops to subsist on and I thought I could purchase the land of Congress and I would have me a small farm and I lost it and was oblige to mak[e] me a wooden wagon to come to with and when I came to I thought I could not pay for a lot and support my family and I came over in and bought an 80 acres of half breed interest and after I had bought I was at a conference when you compared us on <​in​> to the rich man and in to the poor man and the to the gulf and I [p. [2]] was determined to stop there no longer than till I could get away and I went to and bought me that small Lot and I thought I would have built a house on it before now but I have met with several misfortunes Stephen H Burtes got in my debt 200 dollars and took the insolvent Oath and Nelson McKarty of got in my debt about 65 dollars and took the insolvent Oath which was 265 dollars besides other small sums and if I got a dollar I had so many ways for it that I neglected my deed
In short I have worked hard and lived poor and destitute and now <​I​> appeal to your honor to know if I must loose my lot also
I truly remain your Obedient servent
John Mills
As a Witness to the above facts I site you to Elder and family of [p. [3]]
to Mr Joseph Smith Senr
of Illinois
Jno Mills
Sep 1st. 1843


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.