Letter from John P. Greene, 18 March 1843

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Citey of March. 18 AD 1843. Ny
Presedent Joseph Smith
Dear Sir it is with the deepest interist that I take my pen to communicate to you! the very particular & interesting relation in which the god of Isreal has placed you or caused you to stand between him self & the saints of the last days. always makes my <​hart​> leap with in me when I think of this verey grate blessing— & when I think of the many happey & profittable hours & day Spent in your society & famely with many of ourn brethern the saints, with this much valuabl yis infinitely valuabl in struction received from you Dear sir it almost makes me for git that I am one thousand miles from you & the grater family of the saints in the beautiful city of (located in the midst of the land of Ephraegm) & almost seeme at times to be in your there too: but one moments reflection dismiss my has[t]ens me back to this grater dapoe [depot] of Babelon with about twenty saints <​who​> with me are ingaged in opin contack with about twenty thousand inhabitans who are led captive by the priests of baal, but I assure you their refuse of lies, does not make a very permanant breast work for the wo[r]ld of & the spirrit of god which seeth serch is the deep of thing of God, & desernes between the joints & marrowes of and the thoughts & intents of the hearts of man, has already penetrated the darker Caverns of preast crafts, & led out several of its deepis translative them in to the church of Jesus Christ to thirs thire grate Joy— many outhers are standing just on the brink of the watre [p. [1]] I visit[ed] this about the middle of december— last— Stayed about one week baptized a number of persons & organised an branch of fifteen <​members​> & then left & returned again the last of Febry but no had no hous[e] for preaching untill the first Sunday in March being no 5th. then I at that time I commence a course of lectures on the principle’s of the gospel of our Lord as believ by the Latter day as weall as the former day Saints. Come [o]ut with ha[n]dbills with a very polite invitation to any gent[l]eman or professor of divinity to come out publickley & debate these principles the Biblee being the standard— but no one has yet cam out but a unvirsilest [universalist] & we met this mornig at 9½ oclock with a very respe[c]table house choose five Judges & proceede in debate about two hours. & the Judges brought in a verdict in unanimous in ourer favour & wee hope for better times in here <​for heree​> are many verey respectable Cittirzens that are favorable in clined <​and​> are seriously inquareing [inquiring] after the truth of the Book of Mormon— I am now preaching five times in a week <​in ​> & ownce at Black rock where thire are is also an goo[d] attention paid to the word & they say we never herd it on this wise befour, (& I have not at any time in my lifer realised the powr of any prophetic exspression more sensible than the promis you made to the Elders that volenteared last fall to go out & preach his the word trusting in God, for the Lord has not only taugh[t] me to preach his word faithfulley & in the demonstration of the Sprrit for both comfort of to the saints and <​to​> the shutting of the mouths of Gainsayers the healing of the sick & the casting out of Devils! but to my owne astonishment & grater Joy he has turned my horse whither he would have me to goe, & when I would of gone a head the stormes has prevented me untill the serva[n]ts. (Cornealious) like) had time to arise arive & call for me to go & tell them wat to do or words whare by thiey [they] & there hous might be saved: & by this interpursition of the hand of the Lord I was led in to this Grater , now there a[re] ma[n]y regoicing in the new & everlasting covenant <​&​> I know of a rruthe [truth] that god will preserve all and direct all the Elders that are faithfull to liven by all the word of the Lord! & I can can truly say that I have never felt the needes of youre counsel more [p. [2]] in all my life than I have since left me in this reagion to take care of the whole Coferance and while in this little branch whare they all (like dutiful children to a faithful father) look to <​me​> for instructions & will Swallow evrey thing that <​I​> teach them & run after the prinsiples of life as <​an​> ox drinketh dow[n] water when he is dry— & all most every body look to the mormons for to reconcile many passageus of scrpture, & no one that which all serve to make me feell my dependenc the more on the lord & to the feel to the graterer need of receiveing the word at thy mouth.— & my dear brother do pray for me that the lord will abide with me untill I am permited to come home & recieve his will at thy mouths! when lift me he instru[c]ted to proceede on to the East after our Batavia conferance & visit all the branches I could & hold conferances where it was needed. & instruk the saints the neissity [necessity] of contribiting to the building of the , & the as also of a speady gatheren— this is my intention at p[r]esent but I think there should <​be​> a sutable Elder left in this place: as we have gotten a foot hold in this grate dapo [depot] we aught hold ourer claims, & assurt our wrights in which all important points as this is, important to the Saints both in the east & in the west in the sam[e] propo[r]tion as it might facilitate in the gathering as in other— matters of importance, I wish you to instrut me on this point particulurly & in all matters that may seem wisdom to you for I have but one interest that is to build up & am at the disposial of the authoroties <​that​> bee in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, & if you wish to have me stay in through the summer I will do so— but if y[ou] would have me go on in the Sp[r]ing & visit the branches: you have only to write me your will— which I shall exspect you will do soon after you receive thils [this]— I want to hear from the home of the saints how the two houses are coming for ward & how all the work prospers in its different, branches! as also what the antimormons are at since their defeat on the claim & the repeals of Charters: (o thank God for I will prays [praise] him in the congragations of the saints) I have many thing to say to you but cannot now: only the winter has been very scerous [serious] in the state— the ground has been coverd with snow since the 18. day of Novr. & good— Slaying [sleighing] all the time with the excepttions of the snow drifts & the last week since the 15 of March— has been some the most severe Snow & winds that I ever expureanced, it is said the Ice is now three feet thick in the lake! this cold ha[r]sh wind seriously affects my lungs & I think has Injoured my helth, my wife & littler dauter Mary Emma [Greene], Joine in their respects to youre self & most ameable & famely— & wishes she was at this time injoyinig the selubruous zephirs of youre [delightful] . & dear Sir I am with the warmest respect yours in the bonds of the Everlasting covenant
Joseph Smith prophet of the most high God
NB, Show this to Br I should of written to him now but it is hard getting money to pay postage & will not send with out ourer love to and all the twelve; (yis to gods people). I wish they would send me both Papers to this place— & tell them we shall have some subscriptions for them this spring, the work of Lord is prosperin in this reagion as far as I have hered, <​also remember me to & family & wish to be remember in his prarys​> [p. [3]] I have seen some & heard from seve[r]als of Elders who are Traveling about from place to place livening on the brethren & on the people & have not— preached all winter & have told thiose that I have seen they might do more laboring on the , than traveling withe out preaching do not neglect to write me immediately, Since our conferance comes on the 6 of April & if I go East as soon as possible
<​PAID​> <​25​>
<​ N.Y. MAR 21​>
Joseph Smith— Mayor
City , Handcock Co.
March 22.
March 18 1843
to Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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