Letter from John Wentworth, 25 May 1844

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May 25, 1844,
Gen Joseph Smith:
Dear sir:
I have, this day, done my best to get your petitition before the House. I had it read & Mr Joseph R Ingersoll, a leading whig fron the State of , objected to its reception, which any one man has a right to do.
I then moved to suspend the rules so as to go into the Committee of the Whole on the bill. Had this motion prevailed, we could have taken <​up​> the contents of your petition, whilst the bill was under discussion, & got some expression upon them. But the motion was lost by less than ten votes. I will send you the ayes & noes that you may see who prefer surrendering to the British rather than pretect American settlers in going & in remaining there.
Your Obt Sevt
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All the friends of are democrats. was in the gallery & he will give you the particulars. [25 lines blank] [p. [3]]
May 25 1844
May 25. 1844
for Joseph Smith [p. [4]]


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