Letter from John M. Bernhisel, 12 July 1841

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July 12, 1841.
Dear Brother,
I have received your favor of the 13th of April, informing me that it would be impossible to enter any land except prairie at Congress price, and kindly offering to procure a suitable place for me if I should advise you to do so. Enclosed you will receive a certificate of deposite for four hundred and twenty five dollars on the Greenwich bank in this , and you will have the goodness to purchase as soon as a a favorable opportunity offers (for I presume it will advance rapidly in price) as large a tract of good land, with a sufficient quantity of timber, in a healthful location, and within a convenient distance, say one two or three miles of , as you can for about five hundred dollars, the remaining seventy five I will remit to you on or before the 1st of July of next year. Be pleased to have the deed recorded and retain it in your possession until the balance is paid, for I suppose it will not be necessary to execute a mortgage on the property for so small an amount. Of the value of the improvements I care but little as my object is to procure as large a tract of land as I can with my limited means. When you have made the purchase, you will please to rent it to such a tenant and on such terms as you would if it were your own. You will greatly oblige me by immediately acknowledging the receipt of the enclosed certificate, and writing me when you have effected a purchase. [p. [1]] I have delivered your Message to the Bretheren here respecting your reply to their letter on the subject of baptism for the dead. We were rejoiced to here that you were delivered out of the hands of wicked and ungodly men. It was reported that you designed making us a visit about the latter part of May, we therefore anxiously expected you, but it is superfluous to add that were disappointed. I have for several weeks past transmitted the New York Evangelist to the Editors of the Times & Seasons, if it is of no service to them, please say to them if they will return a no. I will discontinue sending it. Elder arrived in this city on the 6th instant, on his way to , and will sail for in a few days. has not yet returned from the state of . We have had the pleasure of a flying visit from Elders , & . I tender to you my grateful acknowledgments for your kind offer to attend to this affair, but it is with some reluctance that I accept it, for your are no doubt almost overwhelmed with business.
With sentiments of the highest Regard I am yours in the Gospel
176 Hudson street
P. S. delivered three discourses yesterday to crowded congregations, and requests me to present his best respects [p. [2]] to the authorities of the Church and desires that you would inform his family that he is in the enjoyment of good health. He gives exceedingly flattering accounts of the progress of the work where he labored during the past winter & Spring and this summer.
[p. [3]]
Elder Joseph Smith
Hancock County
Illinois [p. [4]]