Letter from Joseph L. Heywood, 5 June 1843

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June 5th 1843
Mr Jos. Smith
Dr Sir
Enclosed I send you a note on [Shumaker] for Forty 8/100 Dolls
Int from Jany 1st/42 to June 1/43.— 17 mos. 6.84
which I wish to Donate to the purpose of building the in .
is a Blacksmith & has a shop near the — when I was at I saw him & he said it was impossible for him to pay mony now— but that he had considerable due him & that he was willing to make sacrificus to pay the note.
I have no doubt that he would make turns with those who ar[e] indebted to him who would pay in Labor or materials for the — If it can be so arranged please send me a receipt & if it cannot be satisfactorly arranged please send it back the First opportunity as it belongs to the Firm of to whom [p. [1]] I shall be accountable for it.—
I am willing to deduct a reasonable percentage for Collection
Very Respectfully
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President Jos. Smith
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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.