Letter from Lester Brooks, 7 November 1842

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, Ohio, Nov. 7, 1842.
Brother Joseph Smith: Sir:—I now take the opportunity to inform you, the brethren in , and all that feel interested in this last dispensation of Almighty God, which has been committed to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that since our conference minutes were enclosed, Elders , , and have continued their labors in this place, up to this time, with great success; the Lord pouring out his spirit upon them and also upon the people. There have been, since the above stated time, several persons baptized, which have looked on, and have seen the rise and progress of this church from the commencement, and many smart, intelligent young men have also been ordained elders; amongst the number are Austin Babbit[t] and William Wilson. The number ordained since conference is ten; and several persons have been baptized. The prospect now is that a great blessing will result to the inhabitants of this region of country, from the labors of the above named elders. The reformation which has taken place here has taken some of the most prominent members from among the Methodists; and the Presbyterians begin to think that Mormonism, as they call it, is not dead, as they supposed, in consequence of ’s apostacy. I am this moment informed that Priest [Truman] Coe has withdrawn from his ministerial labors in the Presbyterian church, you will discover that it is not positive. Where the reformation that has begun will end, the Lord only knows: such an anxiety to learn the doctrines of this church, has never before [p. 62] been manifest since the commencement of the church.
The elders are going to leave us this morning with the prayers and fellowship of the brethren in this region of country. Those which have been the most hostile in their feelings are perfectly friendly with , and have all invited him to call upon them.
The labors of the elders seem to have effected a union of all parties; and if I must give my opinion I think upon the right principle.
Twelve persons were baptized yesterday and information has just reached me that Brother has been baptized, and is now on his way home from the water I would further state that expects to administer baptism to several persons in , on his way east. He further wishes me to state that he will write in a short time. Give my respects to sister and to all enquiring friends.
Yours in the bonds of the gospel, and fellow laborer in the new and everlasting covenant,
[p. 63]