Letter from Martha Campbell, 19 December 1843

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December 19th 1843
Brother Smith by the request of I now set down to write you he is quite unwell & is some times fearfull that he cannot stand it through the winter & wishes me to say to you that he wants your prayers & the prayrs of all the saints for the recovery of his health to inable him to gether among the Saints & he also wishes to know if you could receive him as a brother he says he shall come out next spring if he lives & has health to indure the journey he says if he remains as wel as at present he shall venture to star[t] he says he never staggard at the foundation the work for he knew to mutch concerning it if I under stood him wright he was the firs person that took the Plates out of your hands the mornig morning you brough[t] them in & he observed blessed is he that seeth & believeeth & more blessed is he that believeeth without seeing & says he has seen & believeed he seems anxious to get there to renew his covenant with the Lord he wishes you to say to him whether a span of good horses & waggon could be put to any use so as to bring in something for his support I suppose he says he has propperty here & two hundred dollars near that place that is due he says he can support himself he feels as tho he has neglected his privilige of living with the saint he wants to see you he feels as tho he cannot leave time to enter a boundless eternity without seeing he is verry much discouraged his friends think he cannot live longer than spring but the Lord is able to restore him to comfortable hea[l]th he thinks if he was at he should be heald [p. [1]] immediately he thinks your prayrs will do him good he neesd [needs] the milk of the church it is his request you should wright to him immediately do wright to him it would be verry consoling to him he wishes if you wright you would direct it to Chemung Co NY I shall have an opportunity almost any day to send it to him he wishes me to say to you that he takes the times & sea[so]ns with me we each sent a dollar he gave me strict chure [charge] to say to you his faith is good concerning the work o[f] the Lord he has ever manifested good feelings toward you & your s family & also the Church sent for Sister Demarest & myself to come & see him wee had not ben there long before Delrimple (formerly from Binghamton) came in & a member with him & soon the convesation turned upon what the world Calls Mormonism & the Lord filled the mouths of those present untill the Old adversary began to spout & rail & Delrimple said you ought to be in States prison & said he <​you​> would have ben there had it not ben for him & he wondered why he did not send you said he knew verry well why he did not because you had him before Esq [Joseph] Chamberlin three days & you could not make out the first thing that the Law could take hold of him for I mention this so you may know the feelings of the s says he cannot see anything why <​the work​> it is not true I do not recollect the old gentlemans given name but I suppose you will know as he was a friend of yours in Binghamton [p. [2]]
Brother Smith we have one request in our behalf we do earnestly solicit your prayers for us in regard to our health & also to bese[e]ch the Lord for us that he may open the way for us to come up to Zion the next season for to meet with the saints would be a delicious morsel I assure you the privilege of assembling to hear the word of the Lord would be sweet it is hard wading through the hard spirits of the opposers of the Lord they are filled with lieng Spirits
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<​PAID​> <​25​>
Mr Joseph Smith
Hancock Co
<​ N.Y. DEC 21​> [p. [4]]


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