Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 15 June 1835

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To the of the in :
Dear brethren in the Lord,
Agreeably to your instructions to me on the evening of the 14th inst. that I should proceed immediately to , for the purpose of holding an interview with the Rev. John Hewitt, late of , on the subject of the Religion which he professes, and further present him your letter, I have to say, that he I did proceed with said letter, the preceding of which is a copy.
On my arrival at , I learned that [p. 92] that Mr. Hewitt was not in the place, but on inquiry and request, I obtained a short interview, with Mrs. Hewitt, with whom I left your letter, requesting, that Mr. Hewitt, might be presented with it as early as possible. It is proper for me to add that I learned from Mrs. Hewitt, that her husband; had frequently spoken of his wish to become further acquaint[e]d with this people, whom he had come out from Europe to see, and that in consequence of rain had been prevented from visiting us at an earlier date. From the short acquaintance with Mrs. Hewitt, I can add that I was treated. with that politeness becoming a stranger, and have little doubt but he will eventually visit this place, as this was the intimation which I received, that he was contemplating on teaching himself for at least a few months near this.
Accept assurances of my gratitude for the appointment I received from you, while I subscribe myself your obedient servant,
Monday evening)
June 15th 1835) [p. 93]


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    When Warren Cowdery recorded this letter in Minute Book 1, he placed it directly after the 14 June 1835 high council letter to Hewitt. It is possible that Oliver Cowdery had first copied that 14 June letter and then written his report directly thereafter. If so, Warren Cowdery may have made his Minute Book 1 copy from that. It is also possible that Warren inserted “the preceding of which is a copy” when he copied the report into Minute Book 1 and that the phrase was not part of the original report.  

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    Hewitt apparently accepted a post as the “Preceptor of Painesville Academy” in Painesville, Ohio. (Ferris Fitch, “For the Telegraph,” Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 26 Feb. 1836, [3]; John Hewitt, “To the Rev. Ferris Fitch,” Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 4 Mar. 1836, [3].)  

    Painesville Telegraph. Painesville, OH. 1822–1986.