Letter from Paicouchaiby and Other Potawatomis, circa 14 August 1843

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the Last time we been in her[e] we dint Understand what you have Tel us, the this Day the Berrer will let us Know what advise your Govness will let us Know. the Last time we saw the Real french they use two tel us how to do always we are like bline Peple in this place, we went Know what is the matter they want all ways Our Land then if wel do so how will Com of us. Your are our father we hope you till us faier & throuthe [truth] of all this Bisinessines, the french & Angles as alle weys [always] make charitey we hope you will be the Same Our Cheffe are very onsisa [uneasy?] for that matter to per asap [perhaps] let Go Our Land. we all ways think to not let tid [it] Go, your ad vise father is what we want [p. [1]] When I was a Boy I never think to lost our Land but now I am fare from my father I am Bline. But stil we attend to not Sel or Ekchang no we shut our yeres [ears] to our frends ar[e] on Misori & Opened tow you. Miamis, Nahachcewette, Mesaocobet, Megesse, Chaboitocke, this are Grate menes not Ch[i]efs but considarate, we think after you saw this lines father you will let us Know by your hand what you think. if your think we must Kipe our Land your are with us we chant Give up. if you say so. we are all aganst the ohe other Band, and Brave fellers in here.[two lines blank] [p. [2]] Manitomenque, Paicouchaiby <​Namowetti—​> Papawisse, we hierd did our father was arive now we begin to see Lite, then we send our Soldiers tow two Give thers hand & Ours to our father we Like very much you chall [shall] be our father we think Grate of you we think as longe we are in the Dark our father will Give us the Lite, the Last time our soldiers went to sea you we could not understand Good but Know [now] we Send our Brother Law will understand well & Repeted well what you will tel us, we Like veray much to Give us som plant of our land where is Bigin—
Paicouchaiby Like his Knew [new] father if he will be Let us Know,
We Give our hand tow Father & hope all Good Advises from him—— [about 6 lines blank] [p. [3]]
Lieut. General
J. Smith
Letter from Lamanites
Letter from Lamanites to Joseph Smith.
1842 or 3 [p. [4]]


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    Unidentified handwriting ends; Jonathan Dunham begins.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Leo Hawkins.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.