Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 3 May 1844

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Dear Wife the subject I am about to write upon this page I wish you to Show to Br Joseph Smith and afterwards to Br without Delay. you Can tear off this half of the Sheet and hand it to them
Dear Br Joseph, and , Or whom it may Concern.
This is to forewarn you that you have a snake in the grass, a base traitor and hipocrite in your midst, of whom prehaps you may not be fully aware. you may think these harsh term but I speak from good evidence and speak the truth Mr , Br to Br has written a Letter from , which is now going the rounds in this nabourhood and is fraught with the most Infamous Slander and Lies concerning Joseph Smith and others, and which is Calculated to embitter the minds of the people who read or hear of it. It affirms that Joseph Smith is in the habit of Drinking, Swearing, Corousing, Dancing all night etc , etc, and that he keeps Six or Seven young females as wives etc and many others such Like insinuations.— at the same time he Cautions the people to whom he writes to keep the Letter in Such a way that a Knowledge of its Contense may not reach . as he Said he is on Intimate terms and confidential friendship with the “prophet Jo” and the mormons, and that he hopes to get into office by their means. this is his owne acknowledgement of his own Baseness, imposition and hipocracy. I have not Seen the Letter myself but have carefully examined the testimony of those who have. and I have allso seen and witnessed its baneful effects upon the people here.
Now I say to the saints Let such a man alone Severely. Shun him as they would the pestilence, be not decieved by a smo[o]th nor flattering words, Neither accept of any excuse nor Apology un[less] he Boldly contradicts and counteracts his Lieing words abroad, but rather expose and unmask him in your midst, that he may be Known and Consequently become powerless, if he is not already so.
Dear Br Joseph, and Dear , and Dear Brethren one and All I remember with deep sensations our sweet Communion while together in the peaceful and beloved , and I long for the time when it may be again renewed. To be abroad is to be Banished from that which is most precious and Dear to my heart, and I long for the time when I may again, and forever enjoy the Society of those of those of whom the world is not worthy. Do not, Dear Brethren, Doom me forever to the Service of the Base and Corrupt Gentiles, But Grant me the privaledge of enjoying the society of those I love Lest I Die of a Gloomy and Sorrowlful heart.— I will Do the best I can now while a broad, but I purpose if the Lord will to return as soon as I Can fulfill my Duties here. Lies, Bitterness and prejudice are increasing and the veil of Darkness is thickening in every Direction, as If the Last Cheering Ray of Light, was and Love was receeding from the heart of man. I shuder while in their midst and I long to be away, where the wicked Cease from troubleing and the weary are at Rest; or at least where the righteous rule, and where Inteligence and affection swells the Bosom of man. To be elsewhere is hell enough for me, and I believe it is punishment sufficient for all my sins.
Please accept my very best Respects and present them to All my friends who may enquire after me.
I am well and expect to be in tomorrow
I remain as ever Your friend and Br in the Love of the truth
, Mass, May 3d
Gen, Joseph Smith and Others. [p. [1]]
Paid 25
May 4
Mrs Mary Ann Pratt
, Ill,
May 30, 1844
Letter of To Joseph Smith [p. [2]]


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