Letter from Reuben Hedlock, 10–21 January 1844

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January 10th. 1844
President Joseph Smith
and Quorum of the twelve Apostles President and Clerk
Much Esteemed and Beloved Brethern, after the Busel [bustle] of the day in preparing the Barque Fanny for the Rec[e]ption of passengers for is over I improve a few momints in adressing you while I am alone in the office how cheering it would be to me could I but have the priviledge of conve[r]sing with you face to face in sted of giving you the signs of my Ideas upon paper could I but have had council at your hands Respecting some things that have transpiered in of Late how thankful I should feel. but alass the Great Deep Roles Between us and it seems as if you have <​had​> forgoten me altho promised to send me the Times & seasons and Neibour but one solatary Neibour has ever Reached me if sent I wish to Remind Elder of his Promis to me that he would write to me often and give me council and how things was giting on in your council would be thankfuly Received and adheard to by your humble servent
Before I Begin to give you a Relation of the situation of things here I would say Brother John Hill and His sister arived here on the 8th. inst from on their way to Cheltingham [Cheltenham, England] who stated that the Mob spirit had subsided in and that country and all was peace in which was the most informaton that I have Received from since I Left Except Now and then a stragler lonly <​stray​> Nauvoo Neibour that comes into the office to it is over a year since a times & seasons has Reached this [p. 1] office which causes us to wonder wether they are sent or not if sent they are stop[p]ed on the Road Either for want of paying the Postage to or by some scoundrels in the post offices I hope you will Remember me for I <​have​> much need of your advise. Some times I am at a loss how to act
I find Elder a worthy man who Renders me much assistance for which I feal thankful and I hope I may Never be left to Betray the trust that you have Commited to my care, since I have been here I have <​been​> greatly thronged with the Buisnes and Care that Devolves upon me I stay alone in the office all night for the Purpos of attending to the many Letters I have to answer from Diferent parts and the Emigration Buisness which at present Requairs much attintion I Retier to my Bed at one or two O’clock in the morning I have to hier my Bord near for none of the Saints Lives Near the office
After the Last Ship saild from carrieing saints to with Elder which No dout you will see before this Letter Reaches you I aplyed for a Lience [license] for a passage Broker without Which I could not take Charge of the Emigration of the Saints Lawfuly and Sittling the affairs of the office of which I shall give you a statement in the Latter part of this Letter, I took I thought it would Be beter for me to vissit as many Conferences as I could <​before the Emigration season​> and by so doing would be enabled to assertain the true situation of the church in Britten better than to call a General Conference and attended With Less Expence to the church I will give you an Extract from my Journal from which you will Learn the situation of the Branches of the church that I have vissited and also those that Elder has vissited <​and others.​> I Left on thursday 1/2 past 7 o clock. P. M. Nov 2nd. 1843 on bord the Steemer Princes Royal and arived in the city of Glasgow in Scotland on the 3rd at [p. 2] at 5, O Clock P. M. it was a cold windy night I sufered much with the cold and when I arived in site of the Scoch coast the Barren hills Were covered with snow but how Dieferent was my landing hear at this time to what it was when I first Landed in the on Scotias Shores in <​on​> the 26 of may 1840 then Not <​but one​> saint in Glasgow to Welcom me to that great city but now 262 the faces of some I never saw before Welcomend me with tears of Joy and after an absence from them of two years and Eight months I felt as though it I <​was​> paid <​Rewarded​> me better than I deserved for all my <​the​> sacrafise that ever I made and all my persecution with the saints in the west in one day With those who were once Strangers to me and the Gospel of christ but were <​are​> now Rejoicing with all their harts in the same <​Plan of Salvation​> I found some faithful laborers in the Glasgow Conference When I left scotland to Return home there was only 6 Branches of the church in the Conference comprising 368 members it now numbers 14 Branches 768 members in good standing. Bisides many that have Removed <​making an increase of 400 members in two years and seven months——​> I met With the saints in a Conference meeting on the 6th. of Nov 1843 Where the following Branches were Represented
Eld[er]s Priests Teah [Teachers] Dea[cons] M[embers]
Glasgow—— 4 10 4 4 262
Paisley & Neilston— 2 4 4 4 67
Johnston & Eldersley— 3 3 1 33
Bridge of Weire—— 2 1 1 1 38
Greenock & Helensbourgh [Helensburgh]— 3 2 3 2 57
Bonhill—— 1 3 2 2 30
Balfron [Balfron]—— 1 1 12
Kilbernie [Kilbirnie]—— 1 2 3 1 47
Irvine Dalry & Kilmernock [Kilmarnock] 1 18
Thorny Bank [Thornliebank] & Tolock Shaws [Pollokshaws] 3 4 2 2 62
A[i]rdrie—— 4 5 6 3 100
Campsie—— 3 1 2 21
Renfrew—— 3 3 1 1 1 21
Total number 28 38 28 20 766
ordained at this conference 1 High Priest 4 Elders 6 Priests 1 teacher 6 Confirmed 3 Baptised many calls for preaching in Diferent towns adjoineg [adjoining] a disposission ammong the Elders and Priest to attnd the calls a great Desier among the saints to Emigrate the church in Glasgow was united memb united with there had Been considerable many cut of[f] from the Paisley Branch and much Dissadisfaction among the Saints against their Persiding Elder I thought it Wisdom for Elder James Houston to perside over the Paisley Branch at present Late news from there informes me of a number of baptisms and good feelings Restored in Paisley [p. 3]
during my 14 days stay in the Glasgow Conference I vissited 12 Branches of the church traveled Rising of two hundred mil[es] Preached 16 times During which time there was 12 Baptised.
Nov 17 I left Glasgow and went to Edinburgh Distance 46 miles the Gospel was first preached in that City by Elder and on the 6 day of April 1841 Numbered 203 in one branch here many Enquaired after the Welfare of with <​the kindest​> Warm of feelings towards him hundreds would now bid him Welcom if he should Return again to Edinburgh the Edinbourgh Conference <​which was held on the 19th. of November 1843​> now Numbers 4 Branches 356 <​356​> members including officers
mem Elder priests teachers Deacons Remove Emigr[ate]d
Edinbourgh—— 211 7 11 3 2 16 47
Stirling—— 43 2 2 2 2
Pathhead—— 39 2 2 2 2
Weyms[s]—— 24 1 1 1
39 officers in all 356 " 317 12 16 8 4 18 47
there has Been Considerable Divission in this Conference 80 or <​101​> have been cut of from the church in this conference 10 or 12 came back by Baptisem while I was there several more made aplycation for Babtisem some of the Elders thought that they were cut of wrongfuly and was <​not​> willing to come Back by baptisem <​some of​> the Elders had got so holy that <​they​> would send Every Body to Hell that were not Latter day Saints and used such Language that offended the people so much so that few came to hear I tought them not to medle with Sects— but to preach Repentance to the people and treat all men as friends untill they proved them selves Enimies there is Considerable Enquairy Ammong the People in this Reigeon wise faithful Elders are much needed the Saints in this Conference are as kind as any that I have met with while I was here I Baptised a Lady that Lives in Green Land near Johny Grouts house the north Extrimity of Scotland shee is a widow and Quite Welthy there is much opossission to the truth in this part and many false tails are in circulation against the Saints the Saints are very desierous of Comming to but poverty prevents them Late intilgence from there informs me that there <​are​> adittions <​to​> the church <​Every week​> [p. 4]
after Staying With the Saints in the Edingbourgh Conference 11 days During Which tine I visited the Branches of the church in fifeshire and preachd almost Every night Besides traveling several mils on foot <​During the day​> (there is much oposission in this Destrict of Country) I took Leave of them and went on bord of the stemer Leith Nove 29th. at 3 o clock P. M. Many of the Saints acompanid me from Edinburgh 3 miles to see me safe on bord the stemer for We Left Leith under a fair Brisk Breace from the East on the morning of the 30 we were sailing along the chalk Banks of the Coast of Yorkshire in the German ocean it was a Cleare Day but very Cold I was some sick on the morning of the 1st of Dec we Enetered the Mouth of the Noble River thames which was filled with more than one hundred sail of various Sizes under ful sail before a fair wind passing and Repasing each other on their Way up <​and Down​> the River to <​and​> the great Matropolis of the British Empier this is indeed a great city Where Dwells the Queen the Lords Princes and nobels of the Earth togeather with Every grade of soicity to the Beggar up on the dung hill indeed all kinds of Religeon flurish here Except that of Latterday Saints which Seams almost choked with the Words <​Creeds​> of diferent Sects I arived at the house of Brother James Atherton No. 13 Quickset Row opposit Fitsroy Square New Road Where I found Elders & [John] Cairns the Latter having Left Ireland the Week Before Where he had Been preaching with Elder With Little Sucess and accompanid to this place Where they arived on the 29 of Nove Gave me a Letter Writen to him from crewe in cheshire Stating that Elder Jonathan Pugmier [Pugmire] the Persiding Elder of a small Branch of the church in Crewe Railroad Works While in the act of Baptizing Sarah Cartwright and after he had Raised her on her feet the Bank gave way <​Being sandy​> by their w[e]ight upon it and the violence of the [p. 5] curant and being sandy they were both plunged into Deep Water and Caried Down the streem mr Cartwright seeing the perilous situation of the his wife Leaped into the Water from which he and mr Pugmier was scarsly Saved mrs Cartwright was torn from the Grasp of her husband and mr Pugmirs by the violence of the Watter and Drouned the Body was not found until the Next day they were immideatly arrested for Man Slaughter and Confined in Chester Castle to await their trial. also a Preist by the name of Turner [blank] Was drownded on the 20 of Nove 1843 [blank] in Sheffield he was not found for 3. days after his death he was caried down the Streem by the violence of the Curant after Baptising two candidates a corenors Inquest was held upon the Body verdic accidental Death By Drowning these two accidents caused muich Exitement through Briten some denied the faith and our Enimies insulted the Saints by caling them Murderers &c [blank] on the 3rd. <​and 4th.​> of december I met with the saints in the Temperance Hall No 50 Notingham Court Road there were Present 3 High priests 7 Elders 15 Priests 5 teachers 3 deacons
mem Eld Pre [Priests] Tea Dea Emi <​Since La[s]t Con[ference]​> Bap
the Western Branch of the church Was reprasented by Wm. Major— 62 3 7 3 2 5 5
the Estern Branch Was Reprasented by Elder Luzey—— 138 3 7 2 1 10
the Wo[o]lwich Branch Reprasented by a priest by the name of B. Painter— 40 2 5 1 1
Newbury Branch by Wm. Major— 28 3 4 1 1 1
total 4 Branches of the church—— 268 11 23 7 4 6 16
there had Been sad worke in the Conference many had been cut off (but Had not Denid the work <​faith​>) for trifling offences and made aplication to be admited Back again by Baptisem Which was granted the Saints had the poorest place to meet in in of any place I had vissited but while I was there they got a New place for Both Branches that was very Respetable [p. 6] the Temperance Hall Was one for the West Branch and Bethlahem chapel was another for the East Branch the Elders were inexperancd and there had Been some strange teachings in the Conference Elder Bo[o]th in his teachings out in the Publick Squares Spoke against Government and that this Kingdom now set up was to Breake in peceicess all other kingdoms and there was a warrent isued for him his apprehention but Elder Benson Being in the General Poleice office got Nuse of it and gave Elder Booth timly Warning not to apeare in the Streets to preach again had this not been don Elder Benson told me he would have been arrested the Next sabbath and transportation would have Been his fate the presept <​is​> still <​is​> sayes in the office against him there are many Strange Religgions in and much opposission owing in the main to imprudent teachings some wer cut of[f] for not observing the words of wisdom Some sisters were cut off because they would not come before the church and confess that the Elders wire Right in cuting their husbands off the geting of places to preach in Seamed Like the Comencment of a New Era with the prosperity of the work in many strangers came to heare Where as before many of the members would not go to such places to worship I thought that the Labors of Elder Cairns at Present was most needed in at this time for I consider that should Be the centr of the intrests of the church in Briten for it is the Nobilety from all Parts of Europe <​are hear more or Less​> and prudent steps in this part might be the means of spreding the gospel to other Nations throug[h] those visitors
there is some Dissadisfaction ammong the Saints in but Before I left Seven or Eight were Baptisd and a greater union prevailed Elder Cairns Writ[e]s of Late that the prespect Brightens in Many are making aplycations for Baptisim &c [p. 7]
after a Stay visiting the Saints in and Preachi[n]g almost Every night for 12 Days I took Leave of the saints on the 12th. of Dec to go to Birmingham to attend the conference in that place after I had got on to the Railroad I was much trubled about the Prisnors Pugmier & Cartwright in Consequence of a Dreem I had two night Previous and instead of stoping at Birmingham Proseaded through to When I arived I found a young man by the Name of George Nowlen Who was ordained to Perside over the church in Crewe by Elder by being Recommended to Him by Elder Pugmier the Persiding Elder in Crewe Who was now in Prission this Nowlan had been Entrusted with 7£ 10/ given by the Church in & for the purpos of Defraying the Expence of a Council for the Prisnors at their Coming trial while Waiting for a train he went into a Spirit Shop and got Drunk and fought and got into the Bridwel [bridewell] after searching through for him two Days I Recei[v]ed a Letter from Crew stateing Where he was and I found him in time and with much Contention with the Land-Lady I saved 2£ 15/— from the 7£ 10/— and also Cost me two <​Extra​> Journeys to Crewe besides other Expenc we cut him of[f] from the church and let him go his own way this afair brought more discrace upon the church than the accident of Drownding this circumstance Just fulfiled my dream and I was glad that I Came to after Produssing <​I Procured​> a Solisitor and Council for the Prisnors Which Cost me 24£ 9/— besides my own and s travling Expences to atend the trial Which amounted to 4£ 14/— Lawyers Do not Work for Nothing in this Country and those that have the Least to do with it <​them​> are the Best of[f] [p. 8]
on the 16th. of Dec I took the train on the and Brirmingham Railway and arived in Brirmingham on the morning the 17th I met the Saints in Conference there Was in General a good feeling among them some had been Cut of[f ] and Wished to Return the Saints were Generaly united throughout the Conference Some additions Every week in the Conference many Enquairing after the truth and Considerable oppossision
E P T D M Emi
Birmmingham Branch 8 11 6 3 197
Grits Green D[itt]o— 5 1 32
Oldbury—— Do— 3 1 2 24
West Bromwich Do— 2 6 1 1 50
Wolverhampton Do— 1 1 8 9
Dudl[e]y—— Do— 2 1 1 1 23
Brittle Lane Do— 5 2 3 1 50
Billstone [Bilston]—— Do— 1 1 7
Kederminster [Kidderminster]— Do— 3 2 2 1 36
Leamington [Royal Leamington Spa]— Do— 2 2 18
Bloxwich— Do— 1 1 9
Stafford [Stratford] on Avon— Do— 11
Pewdarron— Do— 1 2 2 1 38
Sum total now in good standing 34 29 19 28 18 504 8 those Emigrated <​not given​>
Expirenced Elders are much needed in this Conference the Saints apear teachabl and are willing to do Right if they know What to do many wish to Emigrate but Cannot for want of means——
a after a stay in Birmingham two Days I took the train and Returned to on the 22nd. of Dec I acompanid the attorny to Chester Castle to see the prisnors and from thence to Crewe station to Examin the Witneses from Crewe I went to to to attend a Conference which assembled on Sabath 24 of Dec and on Christmas day the Saints had a tea party or Rather a Watter Party for there was no tea used the table was Will filled and the Whole was Conducted With propreity that did Honer to the manegers of the same there was about 400 that took sup[p]er after which We had preaching and a unanumous Good feeling prevailed ammong the Saints that Were Pressent there is some Difficulties among some of the Branches of this Conference and Elder Charles Mill[e]r has given up his work to Spend his [p. 9] time wholey among the churches to put things to Rights among them the Number of the Branches and officers & members are hear given—
M E P T D. Bap[tized] cut of[f] Em Rem[oved] by let[ter] De[a]d
472 9 20 10 2 13 1 2 2 1
Stockport— 175 5 9 5 2 5 3 2 1 2
ashton—— 96 2 5 2 2 22 1 5
Duckingfield [Duknfield]— 50 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 5
Newton moor— 76 2 2 2 1 7 2 1
Bolton—— 118 4 10 6 4 7 4 2 6
oldham—— 115 2 9 2 2 6 5
Tottington—— 50 1 4 3 1 3 2
Mottram—— 39 2 5 1 1
Rochdale—— 38 2 1 1 1 1
Crompton fold— 44 1 4 2 3 1 2
Crossmoor—— 46 1 2 1 4
Whitefield—— 20 2 1 1 1 1
Mid[d]leton—— 25 1 1 2 11 4
Radcliff[e]—— 13 1 1 1
Heaton—— 11 1 2 1 1
Elles—— 21 1 3 2 2 2
Didsbury—— 9 1 1
Bury—— 33 1 3 2 4
Pendlebury—— 41 1 2 1 4
Summerseat—— 19 1 2 2
Royton—— 10 1 1
Marple Bridge— 8 1 5 1 2 1
Ashworth Tops— 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1
Haslingdon—— 5 1 1 1 1
Edgeworth moor — 11 1 1
Egerton—— 8 1 6 6
Leigh—— 13 1 1 1 1 1 1
Tuc moor—— 19 1 1 1
Br[e]ightmet fold— 13 1 2 1 1 1 1
Bradshaw—— 8 2 1 1 1
1605 43 98 53 22 88 28 37 32 7 34
34 all these alterations since Last Quarterly Conference 3 Emigrated 34 Removed the other parts Since Last Conference [p. 10]
at 2 O Clock P.M. Dec 26 I Left and Returned to Wher I Labored in the offic in answeri[n]g some score of Letters that had accumilated in my absence I chartered a vessell and made arrangements for fitting up the Births for the Emigrants and on the 1st of January I accompanied Elder to Chester Castle with mr Rowe the attorny to Defend the prisnors at their trial that Commenced on the 1 2nd. day of Jan the inditement was Laid before the Grand Jury With all the Witneses for the pressecution present some secret Enemies of the Church had gone to great Expnce in procuring a survey of the ground and a Large map of the Same to persent to the Court with this aditional Evidence and what was given at the Coriners inquest the grand Jury found a against the prisnor Jonathen Pugmier & Thomas Cortwright for killing and slaying Sary Cortwright on the Evening of the 23d of November at monks Copenhall Near Crewe in cheshire Mr Justice Whiteman gave the folowing charge to the grand Jury in the case he stated that there <​was​> one case in the calendr that was of a pecular nature in which two men Named pugmier & cortwright were charged with manslaughter of Sarah Cartwright the wife of one of the prisnors by Drowning from what he had Read in the Deposissions he geathered that the two prisnors belonged to a Religeous sect caling them selves mormonites but with there <​thier the​> pecular tenates of these people he was totaly unaquaintd With the Exception that from the Deposissions he found that Baptisem Was one of them it seamed inde[e]d that During the performance of that Rite the Dec[e]ased had met With her death the Question for them would be whether the Death had not in Reality been caused by puer [pure] accident by some circumstance over which the accused had no Controle or whether it had orriginated in an Illeagal violence during the immersion of the woman if they were of oppinion that Either of the two former suggestions Was the Real cause of death it would be at once their Duty to throw out the Bill. the Learned Judge informed the attorney General that this would Be the first to Be tried on the following morning Jan 2 and Requested him to have all the [p. 11] witnesses for the prosacution present at 9 o clock A. M. During this time I was also Buesey in procuerig [procuring] wittneses from Crewe, Distence 24 miles to Defend the prisnors which came on the mornig of the 2nd. I went into Court at 9 o clock with the attorney and found the prisnors at the Barr our attorney when he persented the Briefs to two of the Best council in the circuit to his astonishment he found them Engaged for the prssacution in addition to the attorny general with a blank Brief that if they would Convict the prisnors they mite make thir own charge of a fee he however Procuered two Councilers by the name of R. G. Temple and S. C. Egerton the Latter was the Judges Neffew the case was called and 3 Witneses for the prossacution gave their Evidence the sum of which Was that the prisnor Cartwrigt had ill treated his wife for witnes had seen mark of violence on her body some days before her Death the Learned Judge would not allow the Evidence in the Case because the Witness did not see any act of violence the day she was baptised and the conversation between the witnesses and deseased was when she was violintly opposing her husban and the Doctrines of the saints he said there was nothing to show but the Deceased had changed her mind and went volentarily to the Watters of Baptisim which was Evident because she followed her husband fifteen minuts after he Left his house to Repair to the Watter the man with his map was sworn but the Judge would not allow one Qestion to be asked him so he walked out of the court much Shagrind in Companey with the prosacuting attorny in Serch of their other Witnesses Which had not yet arivd and I Saw them Runig [running] in Breathles haste in Every Directi[o]n acrost the town for in serech [search] of their witnesses but Could not find them for more than an houer the Judee [judge] said that the witneses should forfit their Recognizances which was 20£ each and the prosacuting attorny should forfit his fee Which mad[e] him pull on a Long Sad Countence [countenance] and <​with​> all of his assistince assosiates While the Judge acquited the prisnors much to their Disopointment they were Remanded Back again to their Cells While another case was tried [p. 12] the attorny generals said he would not let the prisnors go in this Way but he would have them tried on the Evide[nce] given at the Corinors inquest so the prisnors were again arained at the Barr and all the the prosacueting attorny had all His witnesses present at the Second trial <​but​> the Judge said they had forfited their Recognizances and he would not allow their Evidence altho the testimony of the same witnesses were in the depossesions before the corinor the Prisnors Were again acquited to the Confounding of all thos Who had secritly given their mony to aid the prosacution and the Loss of attornys Costs as the Judge would allow no Costs from the Crown whatever to the great Joye and sadisfaction of many saints some of whoom traveled all night to Be at the trial among whoom were sevral sisters who had come at many who were not saints were Deeply interested in the affair and when the Prisnor Came out of their Dungeons met them with tears of Joye and gladness while our Emimes [enemies] stood and gased [gazed] at us with Burning anger in their harts a Gentle man who in chester by the name of Collison not a saint who has not Been Baptized invited the prisnors and all the saints that were there to his house where we all partook a good diner and his Lady Waited upon the table with unfained kindness and all we had to do <​During the trial​> was to sit and Look on an see our Enemies Confound themselves and had we used all the skill that we were prossed <​Prossession​> of we Could not have gained so Compleet a victory as what the Lord wrought out by his own powr for the Dilvery of the Prisners and there is one circumstance I wish to mention it has left such an impression upon my mind and that is this while the grand Jury were out it was very Cold and snowed Very hard <​much​> and at the time they Brught the Bill against the Prisnors there was a sharp flash of Lightni[n]g that shone through the Windows of the court room so as to dim our Eysight for several seconds and one hevey Clap of thundr that shook the Castle to the foundation [p. 13] it apears from all Evidence that I have obtained in this sad affair that it was a puer accident mrs Cartwright Left her house and went to mr Pugmiers Where the Saints were assembled in meeting and mr Pugmeir asked her if she came volentarly and if she saw the nssesity of being Baptizd for the Remission of her sins she answerd yes he observed at the same time that if she did not it would be of no use he was Led to ask her this from her B[e]ing violently opposed to him and the church only a fue days previous after prayers they Repaired to the water Distanc 1/2 mile and the stream was much swolen by Recent Rains but <​Pugmier​> had n[o] fears as he was well acquaintd With the streame as he <​and​> had Baptized 9 before in the same plaice he went into the watter to assertain its Depth after which Mrs Cartwright came into the Watter to him and after he had Baptizd her and Raised her on her feet again and was about to Lead her to her husband Who stood on the Bank to Receive her the Bank which was Sandy gave way and they Bothe fell into the Deep water and Mr Cartwright seeing their perilous situation rushed in after them and Crushed them to the Bottom and Broke the Hold of Elder Pugmeir from his wife, <​Cartwright and his wife​> they wer Both Caried Down the streem togeather several yards untill he caught hold of a tree that Broke his hold from his wife and tore off her peticoat where he Remaned untill a Mr. More after puling mr Pugmeir out of the water by the hair of his head Could Return to Pugmiers house and get assistance and Rturn when he was Rscued from his perilous situation the Body of mrs Cartwright was not found untill the next day owing to the darkness of the night the Reason why they went to Baptize in the night was that they were all Laboring in the Crewe Works and Could not Leave their work untill 8 o clock in the Eveni[n]g this circumstance has Caused much Exitement through out [p. 14] bothe among the Saints and others for it has had General Circulation in the News papers and as it was a singular accident one that Never occured before in the church to my knowledge has Caused me to Be so Lenkthy in my Details of it we are Branded as murder[er]s and the Judge is Considered almost accesary to murder by oure Enemies for acquiting the Prisners mr Worsdale the foreman of the Crewe Works Came to Chester as a witness for the Prisnors to testify to their good Caricture he had had Pugmier in his employ for 8 years and found him to Be an honest industrus Sober trusty Laborer and mr Cartwright he had known for two years and Could say the same of him I had Conversation With him after the trial and he was glad that they were acquited for he Considered them inocent
on the 2nd of January I Returned to Where I found Elder Who had Returned from vissiting the <​following​> Conferences of whoom I obtained the following minutes Cheltingham [Cheltenham] Conference was held in the Machanics Institution on the 19 of Nove 1843 the Branches were Reprosented in the folowing order—
M E P T D Dead Cut of Bap rem
142 2 6 2 2 1 1 6 2
M E P T D Dead Cut of[f] Bap rem
Chetinham [Cheltenham]—— 142 2 6 2 2 1 1 6 2
Little Dernwood— 25 3 1 3 1
Norton—— 62 2 2 1 1
Apperley—— 23 1 1
Dearhurst [Deerhurst]—— 10 1 1
Bristol—— 54 2 2 2 1 1 7 3
Bath—— 11 1
Edge hill—— 12 1
Punil—— 23 1 2 1 2
Hillent—— 11 1 1
Limestreet—— 11 1 1
Trogsmarsh—— 19 1 1 1
Bran green—— 21 2
Chalford ham & King wood 55 1 5
total 441 9 26 6 4 6 7 16 5
the church in this Conference is in General good standing much opsission to the truth with Some honest seekers after the Same there was ordained at this Conference 3 Elders 4 priests 3 teachers a spirit of Emigration Prevails in this Conferenc but Poverty Prevents there was one Confirmed at this Conferenc the adittions and Removals are have taken place sinc Last Quarterly Confer[ence] [p. 15]
I have also Received from Elder the minutes of a Conference Held in Garaway [Garway] sunday Nove 26 1843
Garaway 78 1 5 4 1
Hanfoist [Llanfoist] 35 1 1 1 1
Buckley 22 1 1
Ulsarold 8 1
Hanthony [Llanthony] 6 1 1
Hanvano [Llanon] 25 2 1 1
Total 174 2 10 8 1
3 Elders were ordaind at this Conferance 3 Priests & 1 Teacher there were pressent at this Conference 1 High priest H.C. 5 Elders 6 Priests and 2 Teachers there seems to be a spirit of Enquairey after the truth in this country with and much oposission some in good standing
the conference Held by Elder in [illegible] [h]as not come to Hand as yet
the Church in Wales is on the increase but there are some Diffaculties ammong them there has also some Divession arose in the Bradford church I do not hear much of Late of the Proptetesses in the Isle of man However there is some Diffaculties among them I shall vissit those three places as soon as possable Elder Writes me from Ireland under date of Jan 8th. Stateing that he is trying to procuer Places to preach in and wishes me to send an Elder to help him and says if I do not he will preach to the people him self the peopl of Ireland are so trubled aut this time with the State trials that are now in progress that they have but Little time to atend to the things of the Kingdom of God says he and his Wife are well and he is doing all He Can to circulate a Knowledge of the truth he wants to know when he may go home as his Wife would rather Be in than Ireland there are a few saints from Ireland in this Company few addittions to the church in that Country I hope will suc[ce]ed in saving his Country men as he seems to Spare no pains to Do so the Catholics B[e]ing struck from the Jury List at the state trial causes much Exitement among them and others in this [p. 16]
since writing the above the
I have Just Receivid the minutes of a Conference Held in Hereford shire on the 5th. of Nove 1843 by Elder Wm Kay at the House of Rowley Dunsclose
there are 28 branches composed of 739 members 1 high priest 23 Elders 9 Priests 18 Teachers 9 deacons the Branches in this Conference are of a helthy on the stedy increase and in Good standing Generaly and in union and a desier to Emigrate to and to assist to Build the [2 words illegible]
minutes of a Conference Held at by Elder Sept 24th. 1843
M E P T D Remo Cut of[f] add Dead
—— 417 10 10 12 3 2 4 1 2
Kendal—— 15 1 1 4
Bregsteen—— 11 1 1 1
Lancaster— 15 1
South port— 29 2 1 2 2 1 1 1
Holme—— 22 1 1 1
Longton—— 27 1 3 1
Lay Land moss 14 1 1
Euxton—— 11 1 1 1
Farington— 8 1 1
Hunters Hill 32 1 2 1 1
sum total 601 18 22 17 3 6 9 6 4
this Conference is now in go[o]d standing with With some aditions snce Last Conference 1 Elder Ordaind at this Conferenc and Some Difaculties Were settled and Elder John Banks Was Left to Perside over the Branch of the church
The minuetes of a Conference Held at Brooms Grove [Bromsgrove] in Herefordshire Dec 24th 1843 by Elder John Johnson who was caled to perside the Conference assembled at James Huntings Earls Common
the Branch of the church at M E P T D rem add
Earls Common—— 56 2 4 1 1 2
Pinvin—— 30 1 2 1 2 9
Rewberry Hill—— 13 1
Brooms Grove—— 10 1 2
Randans Woods—— 13 2 3
Bradford saint Johns—— 11 1 1
Mitton &—— 6 1
sum total 139 8 [6] 8 2 1 7 11
The saints in good standing ordained at this conference 2 Priests and 1 Teacher the Conference closed with union among the saints and a desier for the prosperity of the work of the Lord [p. 17]
Minutes of the Conference Held in the Musiec Hall in Bold St
mem Eld Pst T—rs Dea
378 19 23 11 5
Isle of Man 113 7 6 2 3
Wales 88 2 5 2 2
War[r]ington 11 1 1 1
St Hellens 10 1 1
total Number 600. 30. 36. 15. 11.
this Conference seems to be improving there is good feeling Generaly Existing among the saints they wish to Emgrate and many will this spring from the Isle of man A numbr of withy [wealthy] Respectab[l]e people are inquairing after the truth hear and some are aded Every Week and the Past Difaculties seem to subside and more union Restored Among the saints according to the minutes of the several Conferences there [3 words illegible] <​there are​> 11 Conferences Composed of 137 Branches of the church in which there are at pressent 6,149 members 218 Elders 315 teachers <​priests​> 181 Teachers 97 Deacons Since Last Conference there Has 108 Removed to 137 added by Baptisem there <​are some​> many more Conferences and Branches of the church in Britten that I I have Never not as yet Had any Returns from them
We Expect to Hold a General Conference on the 6th. of April 1844 after which I Shall Be able to make a more Corect Estimate of the Numbers of the Conferences Branches and Members in this than I am at the pressent time there Seems in this to Be much oppossission to the truth but the Predgudices of the People Seems to give way before its mighty influence and the false tales against the Saints and president Joseph Smith Do not w[e]igh So much as they did <​6 months ago​> on the minds of the People— the Number of Saints Reterned at the Conference held in on the 6 day of Aprile 1841 Was 5814 there had about 800 Emigrated to Before that time from that time to a General Conference held on the 15th. of May in 1842 there was then Reprasented 7514 members making an increase in about one year 1700 besides about 905 souls that have Emigrated to in one year according to the Emigration <​Books​> [p. 18]
Since the general conference up to the pressent time there has about 1514 Souls Emigrated Leaving some where Near 8500 Still in the Brittish Island the increase has Been for <​a Little over​> two years Past some where about 4619 Souls out of which 2419 have Emigrated to Now I wish you would informe me how Long I have got to stop in at the Same Ratioe of increase and Emigration to ship all the poor Saints to as you state in the Credentials you gave me as they are all poor that have the Gospel preached [4 words illegible] Receive it—
I Beg the priveldge of Asking a Council of you Because I need it and if it please you to give it I shal Receeeve it thankfuly and abide by the same that is would it Be wisdom for my family to Come to me or not I can get them Here with Little Expence and I have instructed my wife to ask you (in my Letter to Her) you will Be so Kind as to inform her what will Be Best for her to do and she with my self will cheerfuly abide your dessision I we have shiped 208 Souls on the Barque fanny they will Sail on the 22nd. No preventing Providence and the Bearer of this Letter Elder William Kay we have apointed to take the Lead of this Company to the Ship Should have Sailed on the 15 of Jan but owing to Bad management With Fibstung & Walker the Brokers of Whoom We Chartered the Ship by not getting their Freights on bord She is Detained this detention has Cost <​me​> some money to feed the poor Saints while they have Been obliged to stop I Shall now prosead to give you an account of the passengers that I have sent according to your order which are as follows [p. 19]
I have paid Hanah Holms ten pound for which I have got her Receipt I have also paid Ann Benbow ten pounds for which I have her Receipt making the amount £20, 0, 0,
John Lewis and family 3½ passengers to 14, 0, 0
money advansed to pay his fare from Hereford Shire to 4, 10, 0
money to pay His Passage from to 4 0, 0
Whole amount paid to John Lewis— £22 10 0
the Sum total paid to H. Hol[ms] A Benbow & J Lewis to Be charged [4 words illegible]
To Be charged by you to Wm. Greenhalgh for the amount of passage of his Wife and 3 children to £10, , ,
for tins for voige [voyage] and Expences in —— 10 11
money for passage from to —— 2 " "
total Expence of Mary Greenhalgh £12, 10, 11,
Sary [Sarah] Taylor Will not come I have Written to <​her​> three times
James Taylor Dr to passage to —— 4, 0 0
for Cash to pay his passage from to 1, 0 0
total Expencce of James Taylor— £5 0 0
To be chrged by you to John Farrer for his wifes and 2 childrens passage to —— 8, 0 0
mony for passage from to —— 2 3, 5 0
for tins for passage and Expences in —— 16, 11,
total Expence for Ann Farrer— £12 1, 11,
the total Amount Expended according to your order £73, 2, 10,
I have Written to James Benbow but have had no Returns from him as yet George Bourn is a vile persecuter but he says he will come in the Spring Wm. Bradbury and family will come Next ship Mariah Barow [Barrows] wrote to me that she would not come untill Next September Alice Bayley [Baily] will Come the Last of Febuary Hugh patrick and family will Come the Last of Febuary [p. 20]
Elisabeth [Elizabeth] Clayton will Come in the month of Febuary Poudene Parr and family will Come in Febuary Ann dauson [Dawson] and family Will Come in the spring <​Next ship​> John Leach and Family will come in Next ship John Anderson and family Will Come in Next ship there are a number of passengers that have not paid thier full passage for which I hold their Notes I will <​have​> sent you the amount attached to their several nam[es] [illegible] I wish you to Collect of the [12 words illegible] you good and Recceipt it to [illegible] and When I see you I will give you their Notes I have not sent their Notes Least they might Be lost
1 Note against John Evens for or £1, 0, 0,
1 Note against Henry Shaw for— 2, 0 0,
1 Note against John Johnson—— 2, 0, 0,
1 Note against Charles Lambert—— 4, 0, 0,
1 Note against Thomas Hall—— 3, 6, 11
1 Note against William Clemmens—— 3, 7, 10,
1 Note against James McDonald— 4, 0, 0,
total £19, 14, 9,
you may Collect the amount of the Notes and aply it on the to my account if it seem you good to do so and if not you can take it to your selves and when I see you agan we can make all Right
I have Received £9, 9/— for the Books of mormon Belonging to you and there is Some where about £8, worth that are Sold and not paid for which I Expect soon from the diffe[re]nt Agents this money I shall Retain in my hand subject to your order I have Recived £28, 16, 10,½ for the Which I shall send you by the Hand of Elder With List of Names and Amount to Each Respective Name to be accredited to them in the Record Book of the I have had to pay £8, 15/— offic Rent for one Quarter, Last years taxes which should have paid I have paid £1, 5, 4, there are Now Laying in the offiece a tax Bill £4, 5, 5, that I shall have to Pay also another against [p. 21] & of incom tax on thirty pound of proffits arising from Buisness Which they did while togeather of £8, 15/— I am informed that the office is holden for all taxes not Paid by former occupant the Last Present Resident in the office must pay it or have his property Sold for them the Nessary Expences for the office and the paying of Elder and for their Labors and the [illegible] of paying the Lawyers fees for Pugmier & Cartwright [6 words illegible] to such [illegible] of all those imgrants [6 words illegible] on the Look out Least I founder my ship on reason of Bankrupce and have to cut Stick for but I shall do all I Can to keep my head above water and accomplish your Execute your orders I have Received no mony from any scourse Whatever for you <​to be aplyed towards sending those you sent for​> Except the Books of Mormon and that I shal keep for you I have not sold but few of the times and seasons that sent by me if I had the other 7 Numbers to Compleet the Vollum I would get them Bound and then I think they Would sell Better. I have sent five pound for towards the times and seasons that I Brought With me by the Hand of William Kay who has Recipted it to me and will Recet it to Him as fast as I get money for them I will send it to Him it would Be much Better to Reprint them Here and save the Duty When I first came to this I informed the Peopel that the printing of the Star would Be stoped and in my travels among the churches they intreated of me not to stop the star unless we Printed the Tims and Seasons for they could not think of Doing without some Publication upon which they could Depend the confousion that was ocationed through Briten the few months that the Star was stoped and the ernest Requests [p. 22] of the saints and to suply the place of publishing somthing else to Advertise the time of the ship Sailing so that the Saints might have timly Notice other wise I would have to Employ an other Clerk to Wright Letters to Emigrants I have Concluded to Continue the Star untill the End of the year <​or 12 No of Star​> or untill I Recive an answer to the Letter I wrote to <​you​> by Elder if I have done wrong it has not Been because I wish to disobey your Council but Beca[use] I thought that [7 words illegible] Pugmier [3 words illegible] for give me for I have tried to do the Best I know how that I Could for the prosperity of the Cause of God
Since Writing the above I almost come to the conclus[ion] that things had so changed that there would bee a green snow in for two of the times and Seasons have Reached me through the Post office for Which I felt very thankfull for the information that they Contained fo[r] our Next Star will Be nearly a Reprin[t] of the Same I hope you will forgive my [illegible] maner of Communication.
I am going to attend meeting with the Saints on the ship to day Sabbath Jan 21 I expect it will Sail tomorow So I must close my adress to you by praying the Lord to Bless you and keep you from the power of your Enimes <​and Enable you to Build up in Righteouusness​>
I Remain dear Breatheren you felow Laborer and humble servent in the Bond of the
. [p. 23]
If you have time to spare I wish you would Call and see my wife and family and see how they are geting on and Comfort them I think if I was as near them as you are I would Call and see them Yours truly
I wish you would clocet [collect?] the ammount of the Notes I have [illegible] for I have Paid the Gold for them and I do not want [8 words illegible] see fit to aply it
Jany. 10th. 1844
Eng to P[r]st. Joseph Smith & the quorum of the twelve Apostles. [p. [24]]


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