Letter from Warren Parrish, 25 January 1836

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Brother Joseph,
My great desire to be in your company & in the Assembly of the Saints where God opnes [opens] the heavens & exhibits the treasures of eternity is the only thing that has stimulated me for a number of days past to leave my house; for be assured, dear brother, my bodily affliction is severe; I have a violent <​cough​> more especially nights, which deprives me of my appetite, & my strength fails, & writing has a particular tendency to injure my lungs while I am under the influence of such a cough I therefore, with reluctance send your journal to you untill my health improves
Yours in heart
Brother Joseph,
pray for me, & ask the prayers of the class on my account also. [p. 142]


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    JS and Parrish had developed a close relationship. Parrish was included in a covenant JS made with the Twelve on 16 January 1836 and on that day received a blessing that commended him for the “truth and integrity that dwelleth in him.” (Minutes, 16 Jan. 1836; JS, Journal, 16 Jan. 1836.)  

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    This likely referred to the group of priesthood holders and church leaders present at the anointing that took place a few days earlier, on 21 and 22 January 1836, which Parrish attended despite his illness. JS’s journal records that when Parrish received the ordinance of anointing with holy oil in the House of the Lord on 21 January 1836, he “saw in a vision the armies of heaven protecting the Saints in their return to Zion.” (JS, Journal, 21–22 and 24 Jan. 1836; see also Historical Introduction to Visions, 21 Jan. 1836 [D&C 137].)  

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    This likely refers to the bound volume containing JS’s Ohio journal, covering September 1835–April 1836, much of which was dictated daily by JS to Parrish. Though less likely, this may instead reference JS’s 1834–1836 history, on which Parrish also served contemporaneously as a scribe and which was referred to as JS’s “large journal.” (See Historical Introduction to JS, Journal, 1835–1836; and JS History, 1834–1836.)  

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    On 8 February 1836, JS’s journal records, “Elder Parrish my scribe, received my journal again, his health is so much improved that he thinks he will be able, with the blessing of God to perform this duty.” (JS, Journal, 8 Feb. 1836.)  

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    Parrish here referred to the Hebrew School, which met for the next several days. (JS, Journal, 26 Jan.–1 Feb. 1836.)