Letter from William Smith, 28 October 1843

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Oct the 28. 1843
Dear Brother Joseph the time seams long since I saw you, And my Constant Labour in the vinyard has prevented my wrightng Untill now, My helth is nothing Extroidinary, about, usual. helth is on the recovrey A Docter in these parts Celebrated for the Cure of Dropseys is a working wonders upon her. The prospect of her being released of her Loathsom diseas Will Keep us till spring before returning to , I find the times are very hard abroad And quite different from what they were Two years ago money is harder to be got. And predgudice Equaly as strong And Friends as scarce Since the revolution The people appears to be affraid of Evry thing they see and hear And Eaven will deny their own Eye sight For fear of being deluded And they not have power to prevent it without They act Contirary to all light and Knowledge. The saints where I have travled as yet, Are generaley poor and some of them that are the most Liberal have ben skinned to the Backbone And others again are not Entirley Clear of the Charge of selfishness and the fear of being deluded Aghainst their will Concequentley hold on to the purse, Expecting Evry minuite when another Expose or some old Experianced Rat will Jump [p. [1]] from behind the screen And reveal the whole mistrey [mystery] or Bugbear of Mormonism Hitherto unknown to the saints or wourld of mankind after all the positive testimony & demonstrations of its truth (This would be bad tis true that truth Should meet with an Expose from behind the screen after stearing the tide of opposition so long a time and be proven an Erer [error] a delusion Light turned in to darkness And thus all that is good holey & reicheaus [righteous] be asteamed principles of corruption strange indeed) I should think it time (after all that has ben said and done to distroy the Laterday saints religion for 12 long years to no affect) for the Divle [Devil] to seas [cease] raging & his Priests imaganing rare things. But so it is fools must Expose their folley & Hyprocritts foam out their own Shame. But Enough of this for the present as it is not my purpos to preach a mormon sermon now for this you have allways with you in Zion. I did not Enjoy the Pleasure of the companey of the twelve while they were ou[t] hear <​as mutch as I wanted to​> on account of <​my​> being <​so​> situated my being Sick But their visit has given a new impetus to the caus and don[e] <​a​> vast deel of good, We were mutch rejoiced to hear that you were again deliverd from the hands of your percicuters we heard that was vary sick the Last inteligence said she was getting better (May god heal her and preser[ve] her to a good old age is my prayer) says the Lord never made a better women thein and I believe just what Says for she generaly [p. [2]] gesses about right that is to say hits the nale right on the head, I regret mutch that I am deprived of your society so long and the society of my friends and Kindreds in that place remember me to them all I have made inquiries for Evry chance I could get I would like to hear from her ofton May her life be spard till I can see her again How can we spare her when she is gon I some times think we do not properly apreciate the Blessings & privilidgies <​we Enjoy​> in having her with us her troubles & toils in by gon years for us all is fresh in my memorey her prayrs to[o] for her children is like the arm of the impenatrable Rock Ever streached out to save and is felt upon her sons in distant Lands as the salvation of Israel god, my preyrs are for thee god spare my . money I have none Comforts of life to give thee, not but the rememberance of thy Kindness and parental care that has ben over me have I with me But these shall remain forever & my prayr will I allways give the[e], I have got a long since I left home as well as could be Expected concidering my responsability a sick & children to cloath. I have had some percicution or trouble of late in growing out of some pettafogging tal[e]s spread through this cuntrey by Elder who has ben through this cuntrey a retailing out tales to my injury and also searching after my character in this cuntrey when I was hear two years agoe. thus [p. [3]] I have ben obliged to Summons a council of Elders to setle the matter & the result has ben to cut one of the Elders off from the church also his wife for Sirculating Slanderous reports <​to​> the injury of my character & the caus in the cuntrey Abraham Burtis the Presiding officer of the New Egypt church of is the person aluded to a particular favaurite of &
if I was as willing to give tro[u]ble to others as this has ben to me. I should publish him & suspend him from the church untill I could get home, to follow me up & serch after my conduct & correct my Errers and to see that I had don[e] all <​things​> wile he ought to be learnedt a lesson you may do as you think best with him, I should not of car[e]d any thing about it if my family had not of ben with me in a strange land & amaung Enimes I am prepar[e]d to use him up in spite of all he can do aghanst me
sends her Love to you & all the children sends his love to you remember me to & all Sophronia [Smith McCleary] wright me a long letter direct to this city tell me all the news you can I will right again soon give my respect to & except [accept] the same for yourself as ever your Brother
<​ Pa OCT 29​>
Pres Joseph Smith
Hancock Co
From his Brother who is in the city of [p. [4]]