Letter, Hart Fellowes and Abraham Jonas to Nauvoo City Council, 1 July 1844, as Published in Nauvoo Neighbor

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Colonel [Hart] Fellowes and are requested to proceed by the first boat to and ascertain what is the feeling, disposition. and determination of the people there, in reference to the late disturbances, ascertain whether any of them propose in any manner to revenge themse[l]ves, whether any threats have been used, and what is proposed generally, to be done by them. They are also requested to return to and make similar enquiries there; ascertain how far false rumors have been put afloat for the purpose of raising forces; what is the purpose of the Militia assembled, whether any attack is intended on . Ascertain also, whether any persons from or intend to take part in the matter, and in my name forbid any such interference, without my request, on pain of being demanded for punishment.
(Signed) .
June 30th 1844.
, 1 July, 1844.
To the City Council of :
Gentlemen:—With this, you wil[l] receive a copy of instructions, from to us. You will understand by them, what we desire from you in action on your part,—as the only authorities of your now known to the country, of such a character as will pacify the public mind, and satisfy the of your determination to sustain the supremacy of the laws, will, we are sure, be gratifying to him, and as much so to
Yours respectfully,
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