Letter of Introduction from James Adams, 9 November 1839

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Ills Novr 9th 1839
I respectfully beg leave to introduce to your Excellency Joseph Smith Junr who in company with & Represent the (usually styled Mormons) Their business is to seek redress for the recent outrages commited on them and their property in . Those outrages are unparralleled in the annals of civilized communities and sir it may appear at first view a novel matter to be brought before the chief executive of the nation. Still Sir I feel conscious a consciousness founded on your affable disposition that you will hear with patience and advise with a desire to sustain the rights of all the citizens of our great Republic.
I am with great esteem & Respect
Your obt servt
His Excellency.
President of the [p. [1]]
His Excellency
President of the
J. Smith Junr