Letter of Introduction from John Howden, 27 October 1838

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To all whom it may Concern.
This may certify that during the year of Eighteen hundred and thirtyseven I had dealings with Messrs Joseph Smith Jr and together with other members of the society, to the amount of about three thousand dollars, And during the spring of Eighteen Hundred and thirty eight, I have received my pay in full of Col to my satisfaction. And I would here remark that it is due Messrs Smith & & the society generally, to say that they have ever dealt honorable and fair with me, And I have received as good treatment from them as I have received from Any other society in this vicinity: And so far as I have been correctly informed, And made known of their them business transactions generally they have so far as I can judge been honorable and honest, And have made every exertion to arrange & settle their affairs; & I would further state that the closing up of my business with said society has been with their appointed by them for that purpose; And I consider it highly due, from me here to state that he has acted truly And honestly with me in all his business transactions with me, and has accomplished more than I could have reasonably expected. And I have also been made acquainted with his business in this section, And wherever he has been called upon to act, he has done so, And with good management he has accomplished And effected a close of a very large amount [of] business for said society, And as I believe to the entire satisfaction of all concerned.
Geauga Co Ohio Oct— 27th 1838 [p. 41]


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    That is, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

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    Granger was previously a colonel in the New York militia. (JS History, vol. C-1 Addenda, 11; Historian’s Office, Obituary Notices of Distinguished Persons, 10.)  

    Historian’s Office. Obituary Notices of Distinguished Persons, 1854–1872. CHL. MS 3449.