Letter, Stephen A. Douglas to William Smith, 27 August 1842

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Aug 27th 1842
My Dear Sir
Since my return here from & the Fulton Court within the last few days, I received a letter from your brother Joseph, dated the 30th of July, in which he recommends Esq of your as a suitable person for master in . If the letter had been written and received in time it would have received prompt attention; but it as happened, that prior to that date, I had appointed Esq of to that office and forwarded his commission to him about the middle of July. I trust that this appointment will prove accepted to all portions of the community of your county. Permit me to congratulate you upon the result if the elections not only in the State generally, but also in your own county. The Democratic Party have achieved a glorious victory which will be long remembered with joy by [p. [1]] the people and will be a solemn warning to all demogouges who wish to elevate themselves by possecuting [prosecuting] a crusade against any religions or political sort, where peculiar tennats may be suffered to be unpopular among a majority of the people.
The next great struggle will be the Election of a U.S. Senator. Judge Breese is again on the field as a Candidate, and on the other hand many of my friends have been so kind as to present my name as a Candidate for that office I shall again return to my circut in a few days, and hope to see you at the Court.
Present my respects to my friends
I remain your friend
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Augt. 27 1842
Aug 27. 1842
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