Letter to Church Leaders in Kirtland, Ohio, 15 December 1841

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“It remains for to offer satisfaction. if he wishes so to do, according to the minutes of the , You are doubtless all well aware that all the except those in Illinois, & Iowa. were discontinued some time Since by the , as published in the Times and Seasons; but as it appears that there are many in who desire to remain there. and build up that place, and as you have made great exertions, according to your letter, to establish a printing press, & take care of the poor, &c. since that period, you may as well continue operations according to your designs, & go on with your printing, & do what you can in Righteousness to build up but do not suffer yourselves to harbor the Idea that will rise on the ruins of . It is the privilege of brethren emigrating from any quarter To come to this place, and it is not right to attempt to persuade those who desire it, to stop short,” (Extract from the letter of the in reply— Decr 15[th] 1841.) [p. 31]


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    Minutes and Discourse, 1–5 Oct. 1841.  

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    Letter to the Saints Abroad, 24 May 1841.  

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    Two months earlier Babbitt estimated there were “about 500 members in this place [Kirtland] and a good many churches agacent to this Stake.” (Letter from Almon Babbitt, 19 Oct. 1841.)  

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    During the October 1841 conference held in Kirtland, church members resolved to provide aid to the poor. In his 19 October letter, Babbitt informed JS that “we have mad[e] provihion [provision] for the poor and you must know that there was one hundred poor English Saint[s] left here at one time who could not get any further and most of them are doing well.” (Kirtland Elders Quorum, “Record,” 12 Sept. 1841; “Kirtland Conference Minutes,” Times and Seasons, 1 Nov. 1841, 3:587–589; Letter from Almon Babbitt, 19 Oct. 1841.)  

    Kirtland Elders Quorum. “A Record of the First Quorurum of Elders Belonging to the Church of Christ: In Kirtland Geauga Co. Ohio,” 1836–1838, 1840–1841. CCLA.

    Times and Seasons. Commerce/Nauvoo, IL. Nov. 1839–Feb. 1846.

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    In their 16 November letter to JS, the Kirtland leaders wrote, “We had great hopes that Kirtland would rise from its former desolation to honor the cause of the Lord in common with Nauvoo.” In a letter sent to Oliver Granger in July 1840, JS expressed surprise that Babbitt “should take any steps whatever calculated to destroy the confidence of the brethren in the presidency or any of the Authorities of the church. . . . under such circumstances Kirtland cannot rise and free herself from the captivity in which she is held. . . . It is in consequence of aspiring men that Kirtland has been forsaken.” (Letter from Lester Brooks et al., 16 Nov. 1841; Letter to Oliver Granger, between ca. 22 and ca. 28 July 1840.)