Letter to George James, 10 November 1834

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, Ohio, Nov. 10, 1834.
Dear brother,—
There having been serious complaints presented to us against you, we sincerely request you to come to , immediately, as it will require you to come <​be necessary that a​> proper notice be taken of the same.
We do not write the above with the view to accuse, ourselves; but you know the great responsibility resting upon us, and the propriety of noticing charges, especially when they are preferred against men in important <​and interesting​> stations in the .
We have truly written the above with feelings of deep interest for your own welfare and standing in the church; and we do hope you will not fail to come down immediately as the representations made to us will require immediate notice.
It is necessary for us to inform you, that until you appear and make the satisfaction requisite, you are suspended from acting in the authority of the office to which you have been previously .
With feelings of respect, we Subscribe ourselves your breth[r]en in the .
Joseph Smith Jr
Clerk of .}
(To ,
(Brownhelm, Ohio, [p. 89]


  1. 1

    High priests outside of Kirtland had authority to call councils to deal with “the most difficult cases of Church matters.” When such councils were held, the parties involved could appeal to the Kirtland high council for a rehearing. (Revised Minutes, 18–19 Feb. 1834 [D&C 102:2, 24–28].)  

  2. 2

    This may refer to James’s possible ordination as presiding authority in Brownhelm or to his ordination as an elder. Hyrum Smith ordained James an elder on 18 November 1831. (Hyrum Smith, Diary and Account Book, 18 Nov. 1831.)  

    Smith, Hyrum. Diary and Account Book, Nov. 1831–Feb. 1835. Hyrum Smith, Papers, ca. 1832–1844. BYU.