Letter to “Hands in the Stone Shop,” 21 December 1842

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Decr. 21— 1842
To the hands in the Stone Shop.
Whereas, an appeal has been made to me as Sole Trustee in Trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a decision in relation to sundry matters in regulating the stone cutting &c. &c. by the Temple Committee. I have duly considered their complaints, [p. 27] and heard all their arguments in relation to the matter, and am satisfied that a proper deference has not been paid to their high standing by some or many of the hands in the stone Shop. And further, that their policy in relation to the Pork, and Beef, and Provisions, is for the furtherance of the building of the , in the ultimatum thereof. These are therefore to advise you, to submit patiently to their economy, and instructions; and that we, with one accord— with united feelings, submit patiently to the yoke that is laid upon us, and thereby secure the best interests, to the of the most High God, that our limited circumstances can possibly admit of; and then having done all on our part, that great Eloheem, who has commanded us to build an house shall abundantly [p. 28] bless us, and reward us for all our pains.
I am sirs, your sincere friend and brother and fellow sufferer in the bonds of the great work.
Joseph Smith, Sole Trustee in Trust for the church [p. 29]