Letter to Jesse B. Thomas, 26 June 1844–A

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Carthage Jail. June 26. 1844
His Hon. ,
Dear Sir,
You will perceive by my date that I am in prison.— Myself and Brother were arrested yesterday on charge of treason, without bringing us before the magistrate. last evening we were committed on a mittimus from Justice Robert F. Smith. stating that we had been before the magistrate, which is utterly false, but, from the appearance of the case at present, we can have no reasonable prospect, of any thing but mob <​partial decisions of​> law,— and all the prospect we have of Justice being done, is to get our case on Habeus corpus before an impartial Judge.— the excitement & prejudice is such in this place testimony is of little avail:
Therefore, Sir, I earnestly request your Honor. to repair to — without delay, and make yourself at home at my until the papers can be in readiness for you to bring me <​us​> an Habeas <​Corpus​>.— Our Witnesses are all at — & there You can Easily investigate the whole matter. And I will be responsible to you for all trouble and expense.
Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
June 26. 1844
Copy, Letter to — Jail 27— Jun [p. [2]]


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    Signature in handwriting of Andrew Jenson.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.