Letter to John and Sarah Kingsley Cleveland, 24 May 1839

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Ill, 24th May 1839
Dear & ,
We write you in order to redeem our pledge which we would have done before now, but that we have been in the midst of the bustle of business of various kinds ever since our arrival here, we however beg to assure you And your family that we have not forgotten you, but remember you all, as well as the great kindness and friendship which we have experienced at your hands. We have selected a lot for you just across the street from our own beside ’, And in the orchard according to the desire of And also one on the river adapted to s trade. The various business attendant on settling a new place goes on here at present briskly while all around and concerning us goes on quietly and smoothly as far as we have knowledge. It would give us great pleasure to have you all here along with us, which we hope to enjoy in a short time.
I have also remembered Rufus Cleveland to the Surveyor, And am happy to <​be​> able to say that the land in far exceeds my expectations, both as to richness of soil, and beauty of locations more so than any part of which I have seen. We desire to have And his brother come up here as soon as convenient and see our situation, when they can judge for themselves, And we shall be happy to see them And give them all information in our power. and family Arrived here Yesterday, his health rather improves. We all join in wishing our sincere respects to each And every of you, And remain your very sincere friends.
Joseph Smith Jr
Ill. [p. 12]