Letter to John M. Bernhisel, 13 April 1841

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City of April 13, 1841
Dear ,
Yours of the 6th. ultimo is received, which should have been answered before, had not I been so much engaged in the business of the conference.
In reply, I have to say, that I allways feel glad to do all I can for the interest of the church and for individuals.
I think it will be impossible to enter any land at Congress price excepting prairie, about 4 or 5 miles from town. But there is frequently persons who want to sell lands in the neighborhood and who, would be induced to sell very low for cash.
If you were here; I think you would have plenty of oppertunities of making good bargains if you were here, but if you cannot come I will endeavour to obtain a suitable place for you if you advise me so to do.
If you were to send what means you can conveniently spare for that purpose to me, I will lay it out to the best advantage for you, and if I should not meet with a suitable purchase soon, I will allow you good interest for the same, but I have no doubt but I shall have plenty of oppertunities of laying out your money to good advantage.
I approve of your plan of letting out the land you purchase, as it must soon be verey valuable indeed, and at the same time be doing a favor to some of the poor brethren whose property has been taken away from them by a ruthless mob.
Our conference is just over; we have [p. [1]] had a glorious time indeed; the particulars you will see in the Times and Seasons which will be out in a few days.
The health of the people is good, and we are expecting great blessings and enjoyments, and are anxously looking for, and expecting our eastern friends to come and share in the toils and blessings
With sentiments of respect I am yours &c in the gospel
Joseph Smith
P.S. If you should send any means on, you can send it by Elders or who I expect are somewhere in your neighborhood or with any of the twelve when they come, or a draught on by mail.
J. S.
The Brethren in wrote to me sometime ago on the subject of Babtizm [baptism] for the dead please to inform them I well attend to it as soon as I possibly can.
J. S. [p. [2]]
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176 Hudson Street
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