Letter to Newel K. Whitney, 12 December 1840

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Dec. 12th 1840
Dear Sir
I am at work in my am under the necesity to have some help from time to time to help me along in my calling I therefore desire you to let the bearer of this hav[e] <​some​> of that dry wood to burn in the stove of my office and obliege
your hum[b]le servent
Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]


  1. 1

    In June 1840, JS submitted a memorial to the Nauvoo high council asking that he be relieved of “the anxiety and trouble necessarily attendant on business transactions” so that he could focus on “those things connected with the Spiritual welfare of the Saints.” The high council voted to have Henry G. Sherwood be a clerk for the sale of city plots in Nauvoo. JS also employed scribes and clerks to help him with record keeping. (Memorial to Nauvoo High Council, 18 June 1840; Minutes, 3 July 1840; Jessee, “Writing of Joseph Smith’s History,” 440–458.)  

    Jessee, Dean C. “The Writing of Joseph Smith’s History.” BYU Studies 11 (Summer 1971): 439–473.

  2. 2

    TEXT: JS began writing an “e” at the edge of the page, which was apparently completed off the page.  

  3. 3

    TEXT: The ink of the “b” has smeared, obscuring it.