Letter to Richard M. Young, 23 December 1842

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Decr. 23rd. 1842
Dear Sir./— I write to inform you that I am now prepared to accept Mr John C. Walsh’s terms for the N. W. 8— 6 N. 8 W. as stated in your last to me viz. $2500 the first payment of $500 shall be deposited as you shall direct which will be done as soon as you return an answer. The balance in yearly payments as stated in Mr Walsh’s proposals. The price is certainly high but I have fortunately the means at command to meet the contract so that I care not much for the $500 which he has to increase upon the price <​added to the price according to his first proposals​>. I am disposed on all occasions to hold all contracts sacred; and so I do on in this occasion and will give the gentleman his price as last stated although the times are hard and landed property of comparitively little value.
If you will have the papers executed and forward them the earliest opportunity I will esteem it as a favor and will <​endeavor​> satisfy you for your kindness.
Perhaps you will conclude to pay Mr Walsh the first $500 and direct me where to refund the money to you.
I shall now consider the contract good and am preparing to commence improving the land as soon as possible.
Let me have an answer as soon as convenient
Yours very respectfully
Joseph Smith
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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.