Letter to the Church in Thompson, Ohio, 6 February 1833

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An Epistle to the Church in
February 6th 1833——
To the in Geauga County Ohio
Dear Brethren
We salute you by this our Epistle in the bonds of Love rejoicing in your steadfastness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus our Lord and we desire your prosperity in the ways of truth and righteousness in the bowels of Jesus Christ praying for you continually that your faith fail not and that you may overcome all the evils with which you are surrounded and become pure and holy before God even our father to whom be glory for and ever and ever Amen
It has seemed good unto the holy spirit and unto us to send this our epistle to you by the hand of our beloved broth[e]r your messinger who has been by us in obedience to the of God to the office of to preside over the Church in taking the oversight thereof to Lead you & to teach the thing[s] which are according to Godliness in whom we have great confidence as we presume also you we therefore say to you yea not us only but the Lord also receive you him as such knowing that the lord has appointed him to this office for your good holding him up by your prayers [p. 25] praying for him continually that he may be with wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of the Lord that through him you may be kept from evil spirits and all strifes and discensions and grow in grace and in the know[l]edge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Brethren beloved continue in brotherly Love walking in meekness watching unto prayer that you be not overcome follow after peace as said our beloved brothe[r] Paul that you may be the children of our heavenly Father and <​not​> give occasion <​of​> for stumbling to saint or sinner— finely [finally] brethren pray for us that we may be enabled to do the work whereunto we are called that you may enjoy the mysteries of God even a fulness and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all amen.
Joseph Smith Jr—
—— [p. 26]


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