Letter to William W. Phelps, 22 May 1839

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Illinois May 22nd 1839
In answer to yours of 23rd April to we have to say that we shall feel obliged by your not making yourself officious concerning any part of our business in future. We shall be glad if you can make off a living by minding your own affairs, and we desire (so far as you are concerned) to be left to manage yours as well as you we can. We would much rather loose our properties, than be molested by such interference, and as we consider that we have already experienced much over officiousness at your hand, Concerning men and things pertaining to our concerns, we now request once for all, that you will avoid all interference in our business or affairs, from this time henceforth And for ever. Amen.
Joseph Smith Jr.
[p. 7]


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    Phelps’s letter to Greene explained that a recent flood damaged a dam and that further flooding would decrease the value of land owned by Joseph Smith Sr. and others. Therefore, Phelps requested power of attorney in order to sell the property “before it is all lost.” (William W. Phelps, Far West, MO, to John P. Greene, Quincy, IL, 23 Apr. 1839, in JS Letterbook 2, p. 7.)