Letters from Amasa Bonney and John C. Bennett, 16 May 1842

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City of May 16, 1842
Gen. Joseph Smith <​​>,
May it please your honour, having been insulted & imposed upon by , at the general review on saturday last; I beg leave to inf[o]rm your honour of the circumstances of the case, & to seek redress for my injury, if in the estimation of your honour it should be deemed of sufficient importance to be brought before a Court Martial.
Whilst I was engaged in the performance of my duty, , struck me with his sword, & said that he had a good mind to cut me down on the spot & otherwise abused me. I therefore think proper to prefer the following charges against the .
1st. For striking me with his sword, while in the performance of my duty.
2d. For threatening to cut me down & using abusive language without provocation.
I am sorry to be necesseated to trouble your honour with a subject like this; but as I have been insulted as an officer of the Nauvoo Legion, & as a gentleman; I thought the best way to obtain redress was to seek it through the medium appointed by law
I have the honour to subcribe myself Your Most Obedent Humble Servant
Adjutant. 2 Reg 1st Cohort
Lieutenant <​Major​> Gen.)
Joseph Smith <​​>) [p. [1]]
Gen. Joseph Smith— If you direct me to act in the within case, over your own name, I will certainly obey your order; but until then I do not feel authorised to act on a case where it is evident that your name had been erased and mine inserted— it may not have been done by your order, or it may, I cannot tell— but one thing is certain, and that is— I shall take no action in any case unless I know it is your desire. While I am in office you shall be strictly ob[e]yed as my superior and commanding officer.
May 16— 1842.
Yours, Respectfully,
Maj. Gen. [1/2 page blank] [p. [2]]


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