Letters from John C. Bennett and James Sloan, 17 May 1842

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Mayor’s Office, City of ,
May 17th, A[D]. 1842.
To , Esq.
City Recorder:—
Circumstances of a personal nature have induced me to tender you my resignation of the office of Mayor of said , to take effect from and after this date. You will be so good as to notify the Vice Mayor that it now devolves upon him to enter upon the duties of said office of Mayor. The books & papers of the office will be handed over to your orders, to be placed at the disposal of my successor.
, Mayor.
Accepted, May 17th. 1842.
Recorders Office, City of ,
May 17th. 1842.
<​To​> Lieut Genl. Joseph Smith, Vice Mayor of the City of ,
Esq has lodged with me a Document in Writing signed by him as Mayor, (of which the following is a Copy,) which he required me to notify you of, & I do so accordingly. (the above came in here.)
I am most respectfully
yr. Obdt. Servt.
,— City Recorder.
I await your Orders as respects the Books & Papers, as also all other Matters concerning the Corporation wherein my official Situation may require me to act.
I delivered the Copy of the above to [blank] [p. [1]]
May 17[th] 1842.
Resignation of as Mayor.— [p. [2]]


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    Docket in the handwriting of James Sloan.