License for Edmond Fisher, 1 April 1836

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To Whom It may concern.—
This certifies that Edmond Fisher has been received into the , organized on the sixth of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred & thirty, & has been an according to the rules & regulations of said church, & is duly authorized to preach the gospel agreeably to the authority of that office. From the satisfactory evidence which we have of his good moral character, & his Zeal for the cause of righteousness, & diligent desire to persuade men <​to​> forsake evil, & embrace truth, we confidently recommend him to all candid & upright people as a worthy member of society.
We, therefore, in the name, & by the authority of this church, grant unto this, our worthy <​brother​> in the Lord, this letter of commendation, as a proof of our fellowship & esteem: praying for his success & prosperity in our
Redeemer’s Cause. Given <​by​> the direction of a conference of the Elders of said church, assembled in , Geauga county, Ohio, the third day of March, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred, & thirty six.
Joseph Smith Jr. Chairman.
, Ohio, April 1, 1836.— [p. 40]