Map of Kirtland City, between circa 6 April and 18 May 1837

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A Map of
Situate in the Township of Geauga County and State of Ohio. Surveyed into 225 blocks 40 Rods square each excepting the centre tier running N. & S. which is 43 Rods E & W. & the tier E. of the centre is 41 Rods E & W. with Streets crossing each other at right angles 4 Rods in width and running Magnetically N & S. E & W. Each block (excepting what is before excepted) are divided into 20 equal lots containing half an acre each— Numbered as will appear by the Map——
[Stylized arrow in top left of map, indicating up is north]
Streets Running North to South
Parris Street
Christian Street
Martin Street
Carlos Street
Williams Street
Samuel Street
Johnson Street
Cowdery Street
Smith Street
Rigdon Street
Williams Street
Orton Street
Carle Street
Morley Street
Partridge Street
Phelps Street
Streets Running West to East
Peter Street
John Street
Luke Street
[Lyman Street]
Gilbert Street
Whitmer Street
Hiram Street
Whitney Street
Joseph Street
Cahoon Street
Carter Street
Kimball Street
Boyanon Street
Pratt Street
Hyde Street
Harris Street
[Drawing of 225 numbered blocks in 15 rows and 15 columns. The center block, numbered 113, has a drawing of the taking up the north third.]
The ground on which the stands is 40 Rods front on Smith Street and 15 Rods on Whitney and Joseph Streets. The N. side of said building is just 4 Rods South of S. line of Whitney Street and parallel, there[with, the E. an]d exactly 3 Rods W. of the W. line of [Smith S]treet—: All the Lots lying lengthwise on the W. side of Smith Street <​and [a]djoining the same​> are 7 Rods by 20 all the other way 4 by 23. all on the E side of said <​Street​> lengthwise 5 Rods by 20. the other way 4 [by tw]enty one. all others 4 by 20 Rods— The above Surveyed and certified by Willard W. Beals Surveyor for . In the Year A.D. 1837—
Be it remembered that in this the month of April One thousand Eight hundred and thirty seven. Pe[rsona]lly appeared the Persons whose names are below inserted personally known to me as part owners of the plat <​and acknowledged that the plat​> drawn and presented by Willard W Beals. County Surveyor, to be their free [w]ill, and that they are still satisfied therewith Justice of the Peace Seal Arnold Healey, Israel Knap, Wm McClary, , John Isham, . , Levi Osgood, Nancy Richardson Stary [Sterry] Fisk Andrew L. Allen, , , Reuben Field, Wm Aldrich, John Morton, Zemira Draper, , , Willard Woodstock, , Raymond Clark, Wm Tinney <​Jr.​> , , Samuel Newcomb. Blake Baldwin, , , Solomon Freeman, Peter Shirts Russel Potter, Reuben Wm. Felshaw. Melvin Wlbour, Wm Gould. Symon Dyke. Bachis [Bechias] Dustin Nathan Cheene [Cheney] Hezekiah Fisk, , , David Clough, , , , , Ebenezer Jennings, , John B. Carpenter , Joseph Smith Jr., , , Albert Miner,
Received 18th. & Recorded 24th. May AD 1837—. Recorder. [p. 99]


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    The CHL copy has “Parrish.” (Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837, CHL.)  

    Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837. CHL. MS 2569.

  2. 2

    The CHL copy has “Correl,” probably intended as “Corrill.” (Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837, CHL.)  

    Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837. CHL. MS 2569.

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    TEXT: [page torn]. Text supplied based on CHL copy. (Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837, CHL.)  

    Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837. CHL. MS 2569.

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    The CHL copy has “Boynton Street.” (Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837, CHL.)  

    Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837. CHL. MS 2569.

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    “Stone Meeting house” is another name for the House of the Lord, or temple, in Kirtland.  

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    TEXT: “there[page torn]d”. In this instance of page damage and others in the paragraph, text is supplied based on the CHL copy of the plat. (Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837, CHL.)  

    Plat of Kirtland, OH, ca. 1837. CHL. MS 2569.

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    TEXT: “[page torn]treet—:”.  

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    TEXT: “[page torn]enty one.”  

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    TEXT: “Pe[page torn]lly”.  

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    TEXT: “[page torn]ill,”.  

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    TEXT: “Seal” is enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    TEXT: “Cow[hole in page]ry”.  

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    Ralph Cowles served as county recorder from 2 November 1835 to 4 November 1838. (Pioneer and General History of Geauga County, 69.)  

    Historical Society of Geauga County. Pioneer and General History of Geauga County, with Sketches of Some of the Pioneers and Prominent Men. Evansville, IN: Unigraphic, 1973.