Minutes, 1 July 1844, as Reported by John McEwan

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Monday July 1st 1844.
We have come here by order of the to see what the disposition of the Mormons were. if they were going to avenge <​revenge​> themselves of the blood of Gen Smiths, which was occassioned by the late disturbances and we are going to to see what is going on there and see if they are still determined to attack the City of and the is still determined to enforce the law at all hazards for he does not mind his popularity or reputation and he will try & find out the perpretrators of this diabolical deed & he is going to offer a reward so that the Murderers may be brought to Justice, and the further hopes that the people of will keep the law, be peaceable and publish nothing which may excite the inhabitants of the Surrounding Country— so that they may have no cause for to make an attack upon this and the is not going to ask any thing more of you than what he is going to ask of the people of & — and we wish you to lay down all your arms
— on the morning of this diabolical deed— I called out the Legion myself and made a speech to them as there is a number of persons here which will bear me witness that we would wait with patience— <​& to​> be calm, <​&​> be cool, and think & say nothing which might tend to create excitement and wait to see if the would avenge those which perpretrated that horrid deed and if he fails we <​will then​> call th to Almighty God who sits in the heavens for to Avenge those who have assisted in the late disturbances and spilt the blood of <​these​> two honorable men who now lies low and their blood now [p. [1]] stains the state of and the faith of the and the pledged faith of the is gone and stained with the blood of innocence, <​&​> I again pledge myself in [be]half of this community, this people will not be the first to rise up & avenge themselves of the blood of the two of their best friends they also testified before the himself that they would sustain the laws & the constitution of the And also they would stand by the & help him to keep the laws of the state of , and would do all they could to sustain the peace on their parts, and I can assure you that if the can manage human butchers— he will having nothing to fear from armless, timid & law abiding people of the city of The called for our public arms and took them away and we
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and be cool. and calm & deliberate and considerate and lay down your Arms except in defence of your families & homes and in case of an attack [remainder of page blank] [p. [2]]
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July 1. 1844
Minutes of a Public meeting in [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.