Minutes, 1 June 1843, Draft

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June 1st. 43.
Meeting opd— by Prayer— names called, minutes of last meeting Read, & appd..—
Ord[inan]ce as to Ferry— passed——
Committee on Claim, reported favorable, Claim read, & put to vote & Report rejected,— it was then carried that it be, & it was referred to a Committee of the whole.
Vote Carried; that the report be recd as favorable, with the exception of the Charge for rent fuel & Candles.
Motioned, <​by ,​> that the report of the Committee of the whole be rejected
Adjd. at 12 OC (Noon,) for an Hour.
Ordce respecting Mad dogs.
, , , & were elected by the City Col, Colrs for this .—
Letter to ,
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