Minutes, 10 August 1844

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Regular Session. August 10th 1844.
10 o clock A M.
Names of member, called, Quorum Prest.
Elected prsidnt Pro tem—
Prayer by — Minutes of preceedig unacccepted minutes read & accepted
Petition to erect a water mill opposite .—
moved it Lie on the table
<​C. [Councillor] — objects to grantngs​>
proposd grantng the petiti[o]n
scnded [seconded] the motion. & it was ordrd to lie on the tabl[e].
Petitin of Reuben Atwood <​& 14 oth for openig Ann St​> granted from water stre[e]t, to corporation line,— read & granted.
voted that the or the Estate of Gen Joseph Smith be allowed the sum of $16.30 <​$16.70​>— to Satisfy for s Boa[r]d bill,
An ordinance corning [concerning] Brothels & disorderly charatrs [characters] read twice. 3d time by its title, & passed.— satsified with its title
<​A Report of——​> The attendence of the City council &c. from Feb 10th. 1844 to Aug 9. 1844 inclusive. Total $429.15.— acecpted & ordrd to be paid,—
. Marshall, stated, that he had made a setlemet with —— on an action <​suit.​> &c and the council voted to sanction the proceeding, of the marshal.
Ald referrd to settling for the Nauvoo Expositor said he had been told by that the whole could be settld for $800, if the money could be forth coming.— or security to be paid soon.
Ald. .— wished the the press might might be settled.——
C. . said if they were to proce[e]d with the riot part: he would go in for their waiting till they could get it, but if they would take $800 or 1600, and stop all procidings they would go in for it. [p. 41]
Alde Explaind.— and spoke of the good charactre of the if and.—
Council .— wanted to settle for the press. if the parties will indemnify the city council for <​from​> all further suits
Movd & secnd that be instruc[ted] to Sittle for the Nauvoo Expositin [Expositor] so soon as the proprioters of the press— will indemnify the city council for <​from​> all all further suits suits commencd or to be comnsced by them or their ifleuce [influence] in future time. on the prsnt [present]. instance.—
referrd to Esqr [John] Woods— bill also for attending to suits of Gen Smith at .—
Esqr Wood said he did not feel disposd to brnig [bring] in a bill but leave it to the generosty of the coun[c]il, and requested the council to consider Mr Rieds. acc[o]unt.
proposed <​Moved​> Mess Ried. & Woods presnt their claims <​Bills​> to the committe of claims,— scned by , <​To be reported at the next regular meeting.—​> carr[i]ed unanimusly
Adjond [Adjourned] till 2 o clock.
2. P. M. Council assembled according to adjournment. Names of Members called, Quorum present.
voted <​to​> reconsidre the vote of the morng on the petetion of .—
Moved by C. to grant the petition, of if it interfere with no others rights or privliges.
.— replied.—
2d.d. and carried.
Petition of Davis McOlney, & 20 othrs of the police read—
proposed that an ordinance <​action​> be had,— and was ready to enter into any measurs which were wise. & would be necessa[r]y [p. 42]
Coun. .— would pay the Police gold & silver if the <​​> were able— but they were not,— and suggested that certain men might be found to buy the scrip if they could have an interest attached to it, also suggestd a voluntay tax of the people to be collected by the bishops.—
moved that some of the counil propo[s]e to the people a voluntay <​on the manaul tax,—​> tax. on the
C. enquird the amount due the police
A. ,— said the present taxation amounted to the extent of the charter,— and that a voluntay tax or contribution was the only means according to s motion.—
proposed to comme[n]ce in the counil and said.—
$5,00 paid
5,00 paid
5,00 paid
. 2,00
a coat & hat.
5,00 paid
Daniel Repshan 10,00
1,00 paid
1,00 paid
1,00 paid
suggested the propriety of changing the plan of having a police by voluntary watch, and exchange from night to night.
. said he spoke in favor of releiving the present distress of the Police for what they have served &c
$2,00 <​$1,00​>— paid
, 2,00 note of Nathan Tan[n]er, paid
, 1,00 paid
Marshal reported that there was no money in the Tresury and that he had loaned about $70. for the police. [p. 43]
inqurd if the had not been instructed to get up meetings in the wards to raise funds for the police.
said he had been so inst[r]ucted & done what he could but could raise nothing
, said proposd giving an interst on <​in​> scrip, for 1 year
A. <​C.​> , <​​> ,— proposd lowring saleriess
offerd his dues as coucell
. Do
— Do
$10— on his sala[r]y
10 "
, of the police, said the police had considird the subject that they were willing to watch the , while it was necessary & all they wanted was to live, while they did it,—
thought high salaries were good to prevent try men—— it was a & learn their liberality— Did not want the old police broken up— it was establishd by the former Mayor.
, was willing to serve as police if He could only, live and they were going to gaurd their till they get all, then they rest might guard it till they got it back again.—
moved that the council pass a resolution to add pay 10 pur cent interst on scrip suffic[ie]nt to pay the police.—
, concurred.
thought interest added to the scrip would not give any relief to the police.—
nominatd for Mayor till next Election. 2d by. . & carrid unaisouly [unanimously],— and he accepted,
A bill for an ordinance concring [concerning] city scrip to pay the police, read twice,— [p. 44]
, objected to the bill,—
proposd to defer action on the bill till a <​the​> subscrptin [subscription] go through—
Bill orderd to be laid on the table
Movd by that the Bishops offere the subcriptin to the diffrnt wards——
Ald proposd suggested a variation
. said we have a mayor and he has charge of the police,— and referred to the unruly boys swimming & Ri[o]ting
<​[B]ill​> An Ordince to amend and ordince, entitld an ordinance regulating the fees. and compensation of the Several officers & persons therin Mentind passd Jan 14th 1841 <​1843​>.— read.—
Moved by that the blank be filld with 2,00
— moved— $100— & carrid.—
Moved by Mayor that , be Clerk of the Mayrs court carrid.—
I. . do solemnly swear in the presance of Almighty God that I will support the constituti[o]n of the & the state of . and excute the duties of the Mayors office. in the City of according to the best of my ability
Aug 10. 1844
The to his seat as presidnt of the council
Bill regulating the salary of Mayor & Aldermn. & Counllr passd
Resignation of as Aldrman of the accepted.
Voted that the <​pesrnt [present]​> Assessor & Collecters of the city of . for 1843 be the assssors & collectors, for 1844
Voted, that the return the books of 1843 to the assessor & collectors,— & instruct them to proceed immediately to assess the property of the and levy a tax of one half per cent, for the year 1844.
voted— the counil adjourrnd. [p. 45]


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