Minutes, 11 February 1843

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Saturday february 11th. 1843.— regular meeting, 10 OClock A. M.—
The City Council met. The Mayor presided. The meeting was opened by prayer. Names of the Council called. Reading of minutes of last meeting dispensed with. The Council then proceeded & elected the following City Officers, for the ensuing two years, to wit.
, City Recorder. , City Marshal. , City Treasurer. , approved as Mayors Clerk. [p. 6] , , Lewis Robison, & City Constables. , City Surveyor. , Supervisor of Streets. , Coroner. , Notary public. , Weigher & Sealer. , Market Master. , Fire Warden, <​of the 4th Ward​> , City Attorney. , Market Inspector.—
— A Board of Health was established, to consist of Joseph Smith, (the Mayor.), , , & , M.D.—
Appointment of Committees were then made, & comes in here.—
It was unanimously adopted, that a market be <​& hereby is,​> established in this .
Adjourned at 3 oClock p m, for one hour.—
The Committee of Municipal Laws are instructed to prepare laws regulating the duties of City Attorney.— also laws to regulate the Market.—
The same Committee were appointed to prepare a law setting forth the duties of the board of Health.
The Committee of public grounds are instructed to select a Site for a Market House.— Upon which they reported, that the rising ground upon Main Street, opposite or near to Ivin’s Brick House, was well adapted for that purpose, & their report was received & adopted.
It was unanimously adopted that the kind of a market House, & Size thereof, be at the discretion of the Mayor, & that he also procure the same to be built at the expence of the .—
It was ordered &c, that the ordinance in relation to interments, passed Jany. 30th 1843, <​be amended,​> by making it to read, “that the Sexton is to receive two Dollars for digging each Grave & interring a Body, in cases where he performs that duty.”—
The Committee on finance are instructed to prepare a Bill for the regulation of Currency in this .
The [p. 7]
<​Cert. given of same date.​>
The Claim of which was laid on the Table, was again taken up, & discussed, & allowed, as follows, to wit, for surveying back Street from Mulholland Street to Munson Street, $2,00.— for surveying Bluff St, from Mulholland St to Munson St, $2,00.— for surveying the St East of Warsaw St, from Parley St South to the City limits, $4,00.— for surveying the St running South from Parley St to Lumber St, between Chas Hubbard, Bently, & Taylor &c., $2,00. Amounting in all to $10,00.—
, & Colrs , & , resigned their claim to pay, as judges of the Election of City Council, held upon the 6th. feby inst..—
Resolved by the City Council &c, that the resolution passed on the 15th day of Jany. 1842, respecting the pay of City Council & Committees, is hereby repealed & abolished, so far as it respects remuneration of Committees.—
Adjourned until this day two weeks, (Saturday 25th inst,) at ten oclock A. M.— [p. 8]


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