Minutes, 11 June 1842

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Saturday June 11th. 1842.
City Council met pursuant to adjournment, Meeting opened by Prayer.— Minutes of two last Meetings Read <​& approved.​>. Names of Col..—
appointed <​chairman​> of the Committee of Improvement, by an unanimous Vote.
Col. moved a Resoln., that a City Pound be established in the City of , which was unanimously adopted.— & it was referred to Col. to prepare the Duties of Poundkeeper, to be laid before <​the​> Council at next Meeting.—
Resolved by the City Col. of the City of , that <​the time for​> Lewis Robison the City Collector, to, & he is hereby allowed until Complete the Collection of the City Taxes, be, & the same is hereby extended until the Second Saturday in September next— & that he do now lodge <​with the ​> the Amount of Taxes <​already​> collected, with & now in his Hands. with not duly appropriated.—
Resolved by the City Col of the City of , that the publication of the City Charter, & Ordinances of the City Col., & Nauvoo Legion, be procured to be done before the first day of July next.— <​& the proceedings <​until​> at that present time to be included, up to the close of this Meeting.​>
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Bond executed by , (Alderman,) binding him to make a Deed for the Property purchased of him for a burying Ground for the use of the <​this​> , be put on Record in the office for the Registering of Deeds, &c. in the City of , & that the procure same to be done.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the office of City Auctioneer be, & the same hereby is, Created for this .
Upon Motion of , Charles Warner was Unanimously appointed City Auctioneer for the City of .— Adjourned until the 2nd Saturday in July next.—
June 11th. 1842.
Joseph Smith, Mayor.
, Recorder. [p. 31]