Minutes, 12 April 1840

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April 12th 1840 The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints of Ill met in council at the house of J. Smith jr.
1 A charge was prefered against by [p. 54] Alva Keller for taking rails from his lot.
After the matter had been explained by Prest Joseph Smith jr, the charge was withdrawn.
2nd President Joseph Smith jr spoke relative to Elder ’s going to the East to settle some buisness transactions for the church, recomending that the Council should appoint some one to go with him.—
3rd On motion it was voted that go with to assist him in the aforesaid buisness transaction.
4th Voted that Prest Joseph Smith jr make the necessary credentials for and , concerning their buisness transactions in the East.—
Clerk Pro tem.—
Recorded on the 14th February 1842 by Clerk [p. 55]