Minutes, 12 February 1842

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Saturday 12th. Feby. 1842. Ten oClock A. M.
City Col. met purst to Adjournment— Meeting opened by Prayer, Minutes of last Meeting Read.— Names of the Council Called.
presented a Petn. for opening a St. running from Parley St. South to Lumber St., reffd to Committee on Improvements.
A Petn. was presented respecting Swine, & referred to the Comittee on Municipa[l] <​Law​>
<​Issued Order.​>
Colr. presented a Claim from which was referred to the Committee on Claims, who Reported, & <​the Council​> allowed the Amt. claimed $11, 50. for Measures furnished by him.
presented a Claim from the Assessor for Assessing 35 days at $2,00 pr day, which was reffd to the Comittee on Claims, who reported thereon, adopting the Claim.— The Report was brought forwd.— Colrs. , & spoke, & report was <​ordered to be​> laid on the Table.
Colr. presented a Resln. to open Young St, through to the Eastern boundary of the City of , & that Mulholland St. be not opened further than ’s Farm, at present.— which was Refd. to the Committee on Improvements.—
presented a Resoln. relative to the Names of Streets, which was referred to the Committee on Municipal Law, Who made their report, upon which the following Resoln. was adopted.
Resolved [p. 10]
Resolved by the City Col. of the City of , That the Streets of the running East & West, North of North St. be called North 1st. St., North 2nd. St., North 3rd. St., &c. numerically to the extent of the limits North, & that the Streets South of South St, running in the same direction, be called South 1st. St, South 2nd St, South 3rd. St., &c, to the Extent of the Limits South.
presented a Resoln., that the Select Committee be Released, & the business of the burying Ground be transferred to the standing Committee on public Grounds.
obtd. liberty, & assigd the reasons why the purchase of the burying Gd. was not Carried into .—
The Resln. presented by was <​Adopted, & the Subject Matter thereof​> referred to the Comittee of public Grounds, accordingly.—
The Committee reported, recommending the Opening of Young St. to the Eastern Boundary, & Mulholland St. not to be opened, &c.
,— & Colr. spoke, & the made some observations— Colr. spoke in support of the Resoln. & Report, & the followg Resln was <​adopted​>—
Resolved by the City Col. of the City of that Young St. be opened through to the Eastern Boundary of the City of , & that Mulholland St. be not opened further than ’s farm, at present.—
presented a Resoln. that the St. running South East of Warsaw St., heretofore Ordered open, be discontinued at its junction with Knight St., instead of Mulholland St. which was refd. to the Committee of Improvement.—
The Select Committee to whom was refd. a Petn. to open Water St., & a agst. said Petn., brought in their Report, in favour of said Remonstrance, which Report which was accepted, & Unanimously Adopted to Wit, that Water St. be not opened at this time.—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Road labour Tax be assessed at Three Days, for the year of A. D. 1842.—
, presented a Resoln. that the Standing Committee on of Improvements be instructed to select & Report a list of Names for all the Streets lying East of Warsaw St.,— which was refd to sd. Committee.—
A [p. 11]
<​Qu/ is this Ordce. to be Posted. Repassed March 5th..—​>
A Bill Was presented entitled an Act <​Ordinance​> to regulate Weights & Measures in the City of , which received the usual Readings, & passed Unanimously, The Title as above.—
An Ordinance regulating Auctions in the City of was presented, & received the usual Readings, & passed Unanimously, by the above Title.—
A Recess of One Hour taken, at 1/2 to One oC.— Called to Order agreeable to adjournment, & opened by Prayer.—
The Committee on the Municipal Law brought forward or reported a Bill respecting Swine, which was read the first Time. It was moved that it be laid on the Table, which was put to Vote, but did not Carry, Rules dispensed with, & Bill read a second Time.—
The Question, whether Bill shall receive a 3rd. reading, was put, & Carried lost.—
spoke in support of the Bill, , spoke against the Bill, unless amended. Colr J. Smith <​The Vice Mayor​> spoke in opposn. to the Bill, in Toto.
Colr. spoke at consid[era]ble length, & did not wish Bill to by carried <​as​> it now stands, neither at this time.—
Colr , moved an Amendment that after the Word Swine, the Words “under twenty five Pounds weight” be inserted.— & spoke in support of it.
The Vice Mayor, spoke against the Amendment.—
Colr. , also spoke agst. the Amendt., & did not wish Bill <​to pass.—​>
spoke respecting what he considered personalities alluded to him.—
The Vice Mayor Spoke in Reply.— [p. 12]
Colr. again Spoke upon the Subject.—
Amendment lost by Vote— Bill lost by Vote also.
Adjourned until the 2nd. Saturday in March next.— [p. 13]


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