Minutes, 12 February 1844, Copy

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Doings of the City CouncilAdjourned Session Monday Feby. 12. 1844
A petition of Thomas Moss for damage done to his Cellar by change of the location of Water Street, <​along Block 151 was​> read, and referred to the Committee on Claims,——
—— objected to any action on the bill,— the Mayor concurred with —— and said that Laws’ Mill stood where the Road was originally located, and should have been made, and it was altered to acoommodate the Laws, and they agreed to satisfy all who were injured by the alteration, and they must do it.——
—— The order of Commitment was reconsidered, and the petition laid on the Table.
The select Committee (to whom had previously been referred had <​the​> blank bond of , to the Agent of the City of for Lot 3 in Block 4 of ’s addition for the use of the City of for the erection of Public Buildings) reported,—— that though the lot was desirable for the , to erect public buildings upon, yet they did not judge it wisdom to accept the lot on the conditions <​mentioned,​>—— in said blank bond, as the may not think it best to erect a hall more than 38 or 39 feet square, or might prefer some other form. Report accepted, Bond ordered to be laid on the table—
A semi annual report of the attendance of the City Council was read and accepted, and the annual report of the Disbursements of the Council was read and accepted. Councillor motioned that Esqre. occupy his place as Councillor during his absence. motions carried.
Recorder [p. [1]]
For the Nauvoo Neighbor of Feb 14— 1844
An ordinance entitled an ordinance to repeal certain ordinances therein mentioned
An ordinance to repeal an ordinance entitled an ordinance Regulating the Currency—— [p. [2]]


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