Minutes, 12 July 1841

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Monday 12th. July 1841.
Meeting opened by Prayer. Minutes of last Meeting Read.—
The read an address recommending that this Col cause Sunday the 18th. Inst to be set apart throughout this as a day of public fasting, <​humiliation & prayer on acct of the Death of Senator Little​>
Moved & seconded that address be recd., & it was adopted
And Sunday 18th Inst to be the Day.—
moved a Petn to locate a public highway to Commence at the North East Corner of Section 7 in Range 6 N 8 W & continue west on the Section Line to the . Col Jos. Smith opposed, & stated that it wd Cause fractional Lots &c,
Amended by putting it on a line on either Side, <​of the proposed location,​> of that is, North or South, on the best Ground, <​as the Surveyor may think proper—​> & it
Motion put seconded & Carried.— it was then Resolved that Survey to be taken forthwith, & Road to be opened hereafter.—
The read the late Law relating to the granting Licences, <​& recommended the making of an ordce to Licence sellers of Vinous Liquors.​>
spoke in accordance with the views of the .—
Col. Joseph Smith, spoke respecting the Effects that would be produced, & moved
That any Person or Persons in the City of be at liberty to sell vinous Liquors in any Quantity, subject to the City Laws heretofore made & now in force, & it was seconded & Carried. was
The stated that the principal object of the meeting was relative to a variance between the survey of the City Platt of , & the Map as Recorded.
spoke, & considered it shd be put to rights, Col Joseph Smith spoke in opposition, at length.
spoke in explination, & wished <​​> the Marshall to <​explain.​>
again spoke. explained.—
Col. Joseph Smith explained.
12th. July 1841.
Adjourned sine die.— [p. 21]