Minutes, 12 October 1844, Draft

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Oct 12th 1844
Regular Session
20 Min Past 10 A. M.
Meetings opened by prayer by
. I would like to make a remark or two, I was reelected assessor & collector of taxes for the year 1844 but on account of sickness I have not commenced yet and seeing that the wishes me to go away perhaps it would be as well for another to be appointed. It was the unanimous voice of the council that he continue his office <​as a assessor & collector​> until he is going away and resigns his office.
then arose and read a petition from bro concerning Charles Warner the City Auctioneer
Moved & Secd. that Charles Warner be discontinued from his office
Moved & Secd. that be elected as City Auctioneer. [p. [1]]
. I would just remark that the City Scrip should be stopt if any provisions could be made for there was to the amount of $8 or $900 dollars issued the other day, and it would be a good plan if any means could be made to redeem what has gone out.
Resolved by the City council of the city of that the Treasurer be instructed <​not​> to issue any more City scrip unless an order from the city council, which was carried
Moved & secd that the Marshall pro Tem go and bring the high Policeman & the Treasurer forthwith, which was carried
Moved & Sed that the foregoing motion be reconsidered, which was carried.
Movd & Secd. That the financial committee be instructed to instruct concerning the city scrip, which was carrid
arose & read an ordinance concernig Spirituous Liquors—
Moved & Secd that the Bill be read a second time [p. [2]]
Moved & Secd by that an amendment be Made to the Secd Sect of the ordinance, which was carried unanimously.
Moved, Secd. & carried that the Bill be read again
. I think it is very indefinate that they pay a fine to the amount assessed on the licence
Moved & Secd & carried that an amendment be made on the Second Section that <​instead of 200 to 400 that​> that <​they​> be fined from $25 to $400 dollars—
An Ordinance concerning Spirituous Liquors and other purposes.
Sect. 1. Be it ordained by the city council of the city of , that before any person shall sell, or dispose of any spirituous or intoxicating drink by a less quantity than one gallon in this , he or they shall first obtain a license from the Mayors Court, for which shall be paid down <​in Specie​> for the use of this city, not less than 200 hundred nor more than 400 hundred dollars, (& issuing fees) for one year.
Sect. 2nd. And be it further ordained that if [p. [3]]
any person shall sell or give away, <​or​> dispose of to be drank in this in less quantity than one gallon any Spirituous or intoxicating drink or liquors <​except in cases of sickness​> without first obtaining such license they shall pay a fine <​for each and every offence​> of not less than 25 and not more than 400 hundred dollars to be tried before the Mayor.——
Sect. 3. And be it further ordained that all ordinances or parts of ordinances or private grants <​concerning spirituous & other liquors​> repugnant to the intent and meaning of this ordinance, are hereby repealed.
Sect. 4. And be it further ordained that if any person shall be convicted, before the Mayor, of drunkenness in this he, she or they shall be fined twenty dollars:— This fine may be paid in labor upon the public streets or other public works of this city at the discretion of the Mayor.
<​No 1​>
This ordinance to be in full force from & after its passage <​passed oct 12​>
} Maye]
Moved & secd & carried that the call upon to assist him in the law suits against the city council—
No. 1. Moved & secd & carried that the be responsible for the amount which the committee appointed to settle for the Nauvoo expositor [p. [4]]
Moved, secd & carried that the Bill be allowed and the be instructed and authorized to give city obligations for the same, borrowed off Julia Ann Van orton, the amount being 75 Dollars
Moved & secd & carried that the meeting adjourn until the next general Session—
No 1. in which they gave ’s & and others one note of one hundred dollar to , one other note of Five hundred & thirteen dollars <​& 75 cts​> to also two other notes to one Thirty and the other Eighty one dollars & 25 cts. [p. 5]
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